Adele Teases Having A Baby

Historic game night for Wheel of Fortune… Rights to The Lord of the Rings… Wendy Williams’ bank claims… Kanye & Billie Eilish feud… and Adele teases having a baby

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What’s going on at “Wheel of Fortune” this week? On Monday, a contestant won $100K in the bonus round — the highest amount you can win. It happened again on Tuesday. That had never happened before. Then it happened again on Wednesday!! Now people are starting to ask the question, “Is this show rigged?” Pat Sajak went straight to Twitter to let everyone know that this was no way, no how fixed. He tweeted, “A quick reminder to conspiracy theorists: thanks to the quiz show scandals of the 1950s, fixing a TV game show is a federal crime. I really like our players, and I’d like them all to win, but I draw the line at serving prison time.”

The Saul Zaentz Company has owned the rights to the “Lord of the Rings” franchise and all the colorful characters created by J.R.R. Tolkien since 1976. But now, they’re ready to sell it ALL…..for $2 BILLION. It looks like the only person who could afford to do this would be Jeff Bezos, who some call the real-life Gollum. He reportedly earns roughly $150K per minute, which means he could earn $2B in about 10 days. And he should be highly motivated to buy the rights since the mega-budget “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” series is getting ready to roll out on Amazon Prime. Amazon bought the rights back in 2017 due to a loophole in the company’s ownership that allows for the sale of TV rights, as long as the series is longer than 8 episodes. But Warner Bros. might make a move for the rights. They made a ton of money from all of the “LOTR” and “Hobbit” movies, but they’ve been in a legal dispute over the profits with The Saul Zaentz Company.

More reports continue to come out saying things are not looking good for Wendy Williams. Wendy has been out of the public eye since July due to various health issues. Earlier this week, we found out she won’t be back at all for this season of her talk show. Season 14 is still up in the air. But as far as Wendy’s bank is concerned, it’s time to take some serious action with her finances. Wells Fargo sent a letter to New York County Supreme Court saying Wendy is “incapacitated” and that they are concerned about her situation. The letter said, “It is our hope [the court] will imminently appoint a temporary guardian or evaluator to review the situation and ensure that [Wendy’s ] affairs are being properly handled.” Wendy’s attorneys filed an emergency petition a week ago claiming Wells Fargo is denying Wendy access to her “financial accounts, assets and statements.” But Wendy’s former financial adviser claims that she is “of unsound mind.” Wells Fargo wrote in another letter that the bank “has strong reason to believe” that Wendy is “the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.” Her legal team denies that, and they’re requesting a temporary restraining order to prevent Wells Fargo from freezing her accounts and interfering with her right to access her money and her bank statements.

Kanye is threatening to drop out of Coachella unless fellow headliner Billie Eilish apologizes to Travis Scott for what she said during a concert last week in Atlanta. When Billie noticed a fan in distress and struggling to breathe, she stopped her performance and asked if anyone in the audience had an inhaler. While waiting for help, Billie said, “Guys, give it some time. Don’t crowd … We’re taking care of our people, hold on. I wait for people to be OK until I keep going.” A lot of gossip sites took that as a dig at Travis Scott for his Astroworld tragedy, including Kanye. He posted a screenshot of a headline that said, “Billie Eilish Dissed Travis Scott” and captioned it, “COME ON BILLIE WE LOVE YOU PLEASE APOLOGIZE TO TRAV AND TO THE FAMILIES OF THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES NO ONE INTENDED THIS TO HAPPEN TRAV DIDN’T HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING WHEN HE WAS ON STAGE AND WAS VERY HURT BY WHAT HAPPENED AND YES TRAV WILL BE WITH ME AT COACHELLA BUT NOW I NEED BILLIE TO APOLOGIZE BEFORE I PERFORM.” Kanye shouldn’t be expecting that apology anytime soon. But Billie did leave a comment on that post, “Literally never said a thing about Travis. Was just helping a fan.”

Adele was a guest on the “The Graham Norton Show” in England and wouldn’t say whether or not that gigantic pear-shaped diamond is an engagement ring or not, but she did say she’s planning on having a baby with Rich Paul next year! Why wait? Because Adele told Graham that she does plan to reschedule her canceled Vegas shows in 2022. She said, “It is absolutely 100 percent happening this year. It has to happen this year because I’ve got plans for next year. Imagine if I have to cancel because I’m having a baby!” So once the Vegas residency is over, it’s baby-making time! And when Graham asked if the diamond she was wearing means she’s engaged, Adele answered, “If I was, would I ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t?”

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