‘Bachelor’ Becca’s Ex Shows Up

Least watched Winter Olympics… Will Disney add ‘Black Panther’ ride?… 50 Cent’s big lie… Ryan Seacrest accused of sexual misconduct… and ‘The Bachelor’ Becca’s ex shows up

It’s official. The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, are the least watched in recorded history. Sorry ‘boutcha, NBC! They only averaged about 17.8 million, down seven percent from the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. The most-watched Winter Olympics happened back in 2002 in Salt Lake City, with an average audience of 31.9 million. Could it have been all that counter-programming? CBS gave us “Celebrity Big Brother” and ABC gave us “The Bachelor: Winter Games.” NBC beat them out, but it still stole a chunk of their audience.

Big Al was just asking yesterday, “How long before Disney adds a ‘Black Panther’ ride?” Speaking at a conference yesterday, Disney Chairman Bob Iger said they already have a Black Panther character at Disneyland and the line to meet him is an hour long. But as far as a ride is concerned, Bob said, “No, we haven’t had a chance to build a ride…though I’m sure there are people working on it.”

It turns out that story about 50 Cent making all this money on Bitcoin was a big lie. He had to ‘fess up during because of his bankruptcy case. 50 said it wasn’t totally his fault, though. When the story car out that he made around $8 million because he accepted Bitcoin as payment for his 2014 album “Animal Ambition,” he said he didn’t really “feel the need” to dispute that because if a story comes out about him that isn’t “irreparably damaging” to his image or brand, he leaves it alone. This isn’t the first lie 50’s been caught in. A couple years ago his lawyers told a bankruptcy judge that the picture 50 posted on social media showing him surrounded by stacks and stacks of cash was fake, too.

Back in November, Ryan Seacrest’s former stylist accused him of sexual misconduct. Suzie Hardy told Variety that it went from Ryan hitting on her to grinding on her and grabbing her private parts. She says when she told human resources about it, they let her go two weeks later. She even told Variety that a co-worker was witness to some of this and backed her up. Ryan denied all of it. E! announced it would conduct an investigation using outside counsel, and they say they found “insufficient evidence to support the claims” against Ryan.

SPOILER ALERT: Last night on “The Bachelor,” Arie told one girl he was falling in love with her and two that he was in love with them. What a mess! But it became an even bigger mess with Becca’s ex-boyfriend Ross showed up and said he realized she was the best thing that ever happened to him and he wanted to propose! She turned him down, but so many members of Bachelor Nation were blown away by his grand gesture and hot bod that #RossForBachelor started trending on Twitter.


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