Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit Against The Kardashians

Better Call Saul returned… Mac Miller drug dealer sentenced… Taylor Swift millipede… Johnny Depp set to take the stand… and Blac Chyna’s lawsuit against the Kardashians

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The first two episodes of the final season of “Better Call Saul” premiered last night on AMC. There will be 13 episodes for this final season — up from the usual 10. They’ve split the season into two parts. The first 7 episodes will air through May 23rd. The final 6 will start on July 11th. Because this is a prequel to “Breaking Bad,” it has been confirmed that the characters of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will appear, with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul playing those roles. HOW?? “Breaking Bad” premiered in January 2008! They’re going to have to use a lot of trickery to make them look 14 years younger. But a lot of fans are upset that this news was revealed because they would’ve preferred being surprised.

Back in 2018, rapper Mac Miller died at the age of 26 of a drug overdose of cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol. Three men were arrested in connection with Mac’s death. The middle man — Ryan Reavis — has finally been sentenced to 10 years and 11 months in prison. He pleaded guilty to supplying Mac with the pills that killed him, although his lawyer said Ryan was unaware the drug dealer had given him fentanyl-laced pills. When Ryan was arrested in 2019, a search warrant revealed that he had a doctor’s prescription pad, unspecified pills that you can only get with a prescription, drug paraphernalia and weapons. A second man arrested in Mac’s death pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. The third man’s case is still ongoing.

Taylor Swift has received a lot of honors, but this may be the strangest. Seventeen new species of a millipede commonly found in the Appalachian Mountains have been discovered, and one of them has been renamed Nannaria swiftae. The entomologist who named it explained that Taylor’s music got him through graduate school and this was his way of saying thanks. Yes, Swifties are excited by this news, but they’re even more excited about this potential news…..Drake posted a series of five photos and one of them was a throwback of him with his arms wrapped around Taylor. He captioned them, “They too soft to understand the meaning of hard work.” And Taylor’s label liked a tweet that said, “All I’m asking for is a Taylor Swift x Drake collab.” So maybe Drake is just putting this out into the universe or MAYBE it’s already in the works……

Johnny Depp will take the stand in his libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard today. He’s suing her for $50M over an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post about surviving domestic violence. She didn’t name Johnny but he said everybody knew she was inferring that he was an abuser and it damaged his career. In fact, Disney dropped him as Captain Jack Sparrow just four days after the article was published. Amber countersued for $100M. Yesterday, the court watched a pre-recorded video deposition from a doctor who treats celebrities for addictions. Johnny hired him in 2014 to treat him for opioid addiction. He also treated Amber several months later. The doctor testified that he never witnessed Johnny abuse Amber, she never told him Johnny had abused her, and she never sought treatment for any injuries.

Jury selection has begun in Blac Chyna’s multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Kardashians…FINALLY. Chyna originally sued in 2017, claiming that the entire Kardashian family — including the Jenners — caused her reality show with Rob Kardashian to be canceled. In court filings Page Six has seen, Chyna is seeking more than $40 million for loss of earning damages and more than $60 million in loss of future earning capacity damages. Yesterday, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kris all showed up for jury selection. They are all set to testify in the trial, as well.


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