Cardi B Defends Her Publicist

“The Tonight Show” is heading to Puerto Rico… Alfonso Ribeiro is suing… 50 Cent is the King of Petty… Lorne Michaels will help Pete Davidson… and Cardi B defends her publicist

“The Tonight Show” is heading to Puerto Rico! Lin-Manuel Miranda is reprising his role in “Hamilton” at the University of Puerto Rico from January 8-27 to raise money benefitting the arts and artists there. He and the cast will appear on the January 15 episode of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to bring attention to the ongoing recovery efforts from that massive hurricane they suffered last year.

If you play Fortnite, you’re familiar with all the dances involved. Well, the man who gave us the Carlton is suing Epic Games for using his dance moves without his permission. Alfonso Ribeiro created the Carlton way back in 1991 when he was on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” According to his attorney, Alfonso is seeking “fair and reasonable share of profits Epic has earned by use of his iconic intellectual property.” They’re also asking that the dance be removed from the game. And Alfonso’s not the only one suing. Earlier this month, this rapper named 2 Milly filed a lawsuit against Epic Games claiming that Fortnite’s “Swipe It” dance is a rip off of his “Milly Rock” dance that he created for a music video four years ago. How much money is at stake? While Fortnite is a free game, players can purchase “emotes” that let them do these dances. I could only find the numbers from May, but at that point, the current version of Fortnite had brought in $1.2 billion.

50 Cent is the King of Petty. SERIOUSLY. He just posted a picture of his Christmas tree which is covered in over a dozen pairs of red bottom Louboutins with their boxes stacked beneath the tree. He captioned it, “I couldn’t find the balls for my tree, so my Ex old s*** a work 👀yeah she had to leave with what she came with. 😆 LOL”

A source told Page Six that Lorne Michaels has pledged to help Pete Davidson in any way he can, including sending him to get help. Following Pete’s desperate Instagram post on Saturday, Lorne cut his sketches from SNL to give him a break. He did have Pete come out to introduce Miley Cyrus, Mark Ronson and Sean Lennon, basically to show us all that he’s hanging in there. The source, “Everyone in the cast is hugely protective of him and were obviously upset — particularly Colin Jost and Michael Che.” Hopefully Pete will get the help he needs over the show’s holiday break. At this point, it’s believed he will return with the show in the New Year.

When Offset crashed her set during the Rolling Loud Festival, Cardi B appeared to be caught completely off guard and not at all happy about his attempt to apologize and beg her back. Now the co-founder of the music festival is speaking out. Tariq Cherif told the LA Times, “We were told she was going to have a guest star during her set, that it was going to be Migos, but we didn’t know anything about that stunt.” He said, “We’re getting blamed as if we conspired to do this, and I just want to make it clear that we did not. Cardi’s management was in on it. It had nothing to do with the festival. The artist is in full control of the stage and they determine who gets on and off.” Huh. Then Tariq Nasheed tweeted, “Here is backstage footage of Cardi B’s publicist Patience Foster leading Offset to the stage. Like I said, this whole ‘break up’ is an orchestrated publicity stunt. So these media outlets can stop using this fake scenario to push their anti-Black ‘toxic masculinity’ narrative.” And you can see Patience directing Offset to the stage and getting him in the right spot for his big “surprise.” Cardi is now defending Patience, saying she’s friends with her, with her older sister and with Offset and that “you can’t be mad at somebody for trying to help somebody else.”


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