Cardi B Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed

Nick Cannon is moving to daytime… 6ix9ine’s witness protection… Kylie Jenner hospitalized… Aaron Carter sold his guns… and Cardi B opens up about being sexually harassed

Last year, Nick Cannon announced he was going to have his own late night talk show. Scratch that. He’s now going to do a syndicated daytime talk show. Nick filled in for Wendy Williams when she was on her extended hiatus and things went so well, he decided daytime is the right time for him to do his thing. No details on the name of the show, when it will hit the air, or what channels will carry it. Perhaps they’re still working out those details. In the meantime, Nick’s busy hosting season two of “The Masked Singer.” Eight of the 16 performers did their thing last night. You had Butterfly vs. Egg…Thingamajig vs. Skeleton…Ladybug vs. Rottweiler…and Tree vs. Ice Cream. Two of the eight are already out — Egg and Ice Cream. SPOILER ALERT — the masked singers were Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir and video game streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Tekashi 6ix9ine says “thanks, but no thanks” to the witness protection program. For three days on the witness stand, Tekashi snitched his little heart out, pointing fingers at members of the Nine Trey Bloods to shave some time off his prison sentence. But sources say Tekashi plans to hire round-the-clock bodyguards to protect him while he gets out of prison and gets back in the recording studio. When exactly will that be? Tekashi was facing up to 47 years, but in exchange for his cooperation, he testified that he believes he’ll be out as early as next year.

Kylie Jenner was supposed to present at the Emmys with her sisters, Kim and Kendall, but she wasn’t feeling well. It turns out, she is super sick. Kylie’s flu-like symptoms became so severe, she had to be admitted to the hospital. As a result, she’s forced to miss the launch of her new makeup collaboration with Balmain at Paris Fashion Week. Mama Kris didn’t let one sick kid keep her away from Paris, but Kylie’s dad Caitlyn Jenner reportedly has been to visit her several times.

Aaron Carter has been on a mission to bring down his big brother Nick. After Nick tweeted he and Aaron’s twin sister Angel had taken out a restraining order against him, Aaron began tweeting about accusations that Nick had sexually assaulted several women, including a 91-year-old being cared for by their mother. There were a lot of concerns about Aaron owning guns, but TMZ caught up with him and Aaron said he’d sold all of them. He even provided paperwork as proof. He also said he was working with doctors to ween himself off Xanax. On Instagram last night, Aaron thanked his fans for their support and asked them to follow him on his YouTube channel as he tries to go from 117 pounds to 150 in the next 3 weeks.

Cardi B has her own #MeToo story. She told “Untold Stories of Hip Hop” about her experience at a photo shoot for a magazine where the photographer asked her, “You want to get into this magazine?” and then exposed himself to her. She said she left the shoot immediately and told the magazine owner what happened, but he just looked at her like “So? And?” When she was asked if she’s still harassed at this level, Cardi replied, “Oh, hell no. I’ll put you on blast on my Instagram.” You can watch the entire interview tonight on WE TV.

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