‘Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke Reveals Terrifying Health Battle

Fallout from “Leaving Neverland”… Cardi B’s trademark… Lady Gaga & Jeremy Renner are friends… Kylie Jenner’s interview… and ‘Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke reveals terrifying health battle

The fallout from “Leaving Neverland” hasn’t been as big as a lot of people may have expected. Madame Tussauds says they’re keeping the Michael Jackson wax figures in all their museums. And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame says they’re keeping Michael in there, too. He’s actually in the Hall of Fame twice, as a solo artist and as part of the Jackson 5. It will also be interesting to see if his sister Janet has anything to say about Michael when she’s inducted into the Hall of Fame next weekend…

Back in February, Cardi B filed a trademark for her catchphrase “okurr.” But that was only with 2 r’s. Just to cover her bases, Cardi’s company, Washpoppin, Inc., has now filed to trademark “okurrr” with 3 r’s. In the paperwork, it says they intend the word for use on “paper goods, namely paper cups and posters,” as well as all types of clothing, including jumpsuits, leggings and undergarments.

A lot of people may want this to be true, but is it? Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner have been friends for years, but they’ve been spending a ton of time together lately, which leads to the rumors that they’re now dating. But according to several sources who know these two, it’s really just a friendship at this point. But will they be able to cross that line and take it to the other side? Gaga ended her engagement to Christian Carino about a month ago and Jeremy split with his wife Sonni Pacheco in December 2014 after only 10 months of marriage.

Kylie Jenner told “Interview” magazine that her daughter Stormi won’t be on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” for now, and she’s not sure it will ever happen. Kylie has been on the show since 2007, when she was only nine years old! But as far as Stormi’s reality television debut, Kylie told the magazine, “I’m going to wait until she is old enough to make that decision for herself.” But if that’s the case, why doesn’t she wait until Stormi is old enough to decide whether or not she wants to be on her mommy’s SnapChat and Instagram feeds?

Emilia Clarke had just finished filming season one of “Game of Thrones” when she says she suffered the first of two brain aneurysms that could’ve taken her life. In fact, she said it was so painful, she WANTED to die. In an essay for the “New Yorker,” Emilia says the first aneurysm happened in 2011. She was working out with her trainer who told her to get into the plank position, and that’s when she immediately felt like an elastic band was squeezing her brain. She says she managed to crawl to the locker room where she became violently ill in the toilet as the pain got worse and worse. She was rushed to the hospital for brain surgery — which they were actually able to perform through her groin! — and when she woke up, she had no idea where she was…she couldn’t even remember her name…and she was in so much pain that she went into a “blind panic” and begged the hospital staff to just let her die. Emilia says she spent season two of “Game of Thrones” scared that every minute, she was going to die. And then two years later when she went in for an annual brain scan, the doctor told her that she had a second aneurysm which required a second surgery that was even more invasive — through her skull — and it was even more painful than the first surgery. She was in the hospital for a month, suffering tremendous pain and panic attacks, convinced she was going to die. But now? Emilia says she is “healed beyond my most unreasonable hopes.” She’s also helping others who’ve suffered brain aneurysms through a charity called SameYou.


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