Have Aaron Rodgers & Shailene Woodley Split?

“No Way Home” has a chance… Prince Andrew’s settlement… Sophie Turner bares her belly… Alec Baldwin is being sued… and Have Aaron Rodgers & Shailene Woodley split?

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Members of the Academy won’t be the only ones voting for their favorite films ahead of the 94th Academy Awards. Twitter users can now vote for their favorite movies released in 2021, whether it was nominated for an Oscar or not. Just use #OscarsFanFavorite in your tweet. The movie that receives the most fan votes by March 3 will be recognized during the awards broadcast on March 27. And three Twitter users who cast their votes by March 3 will be selected to have an all-expenses-paid trip to LA to present an Oscar at the 2023 awards ceremony!

Prince Andrew has settled a civil lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre, who claimed Andrew sexually assaulted her when she was a minor. Virginia met Andrew through Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Virginia claims she was only 17 when Andrew had sex with her on three separate occasions. He denies it. In fact, just last month, Andrew vowed to fight Virginia in court, but sources say the Royal Family wanted this mess settled before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations later this year. So rather than go to trial, Prince Andrew agreed to a “substantial donation” to a charity that supports victims’ rights. Andrew did not make any sort of formal apology, but said he regrets his association with Epstein. He also commended Virginia and other Epstein survivors for their bravery. Queen Elizabeth is rumored to be helping her problem child with his donation, which is said to be north of $10M.

Multiple lawsuits have been filed after the accidental shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin’s movie “Rust” four months ago. The latest lawsuit has been filed by the family of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who was killed on the set after the gun Alec was holding fired off with a live bullet. He claims he never pulled the trigger and that the gun just went off. Halyna’s family is suing Alec and over a dozen others connected to the movie, but they put most of the blame on Alec. They released a video with a 3D rendering of how they believe the shooting occurred, including narration that details all the mistakes that were made leading up to the shooting, plus texts and emails from crew members who felt the set was unsafe. They’re seeking unspecified damages.

Is 19-month-old Willa about to become a big sister? Over the weekend, Sophie Turner was wearing a very clingy dress hugging her poochy belly. And then on Valentine’s Day, she and Joe Jonas took Willa on a walk and Sophie was wearing a crop top and rubbing her belly. So without an official announcement from this very private couple, we are going to go ahead and say it…..Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are expecting baby number two.

When Aaron Rodgers won his third NFL Most Valuable Player award in 2021, he surprised everyone when he thanked his fiancée. We soon found out he was talking about Shailene Woodley — which struck everyone as so completely random. On Thursday night, Aaron was accepting his fourth MVP award, but this time, he thanked his “inner circle. You know who you are.” No mention of his fiancée. Someone who chose to be anonymous told the Instagram gossip site DeuxMoi that he or she was at a pre-Super Bowl party with Aaron on Friday and he was he was single. After DeuxMoi posted it, they got an update from someone claiming to be one of Shailene’s friends confirming that it was true.

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