Is Justin Bieber Getting Back At Selena Gomez?

The Emmy nominations were announced… Twitter’s purge… Kylie Jenner is almost a billionaire… Cardi B did not get a baby gift from Nicki Minaj… and Is Justin Bieber getting back at Selena Gomez?

The Emmy nominations were announced yesterday. Netflix dominated with 112 nominations, ending HBO’s 17-year run as the most-nominated network. HBO still was way up there with 108 nominations, and its “Game of Thrones” had the most with 22. “Saturday Night Live” and “Westworld” are next with 21 each, followed by “The Handmaid’s Tale” with 20. A few interesting things to note — “SNL” holds the record for the most Emmy nominations of all time, with 252. For the first time since it debuted in 2009, “Modern Family” wasn’t nominated for Best Comedy. None of the cast was nominated, either. Sandra Oh is the first nominee of Asian descent to be nominated for Leading Actress in a Drama for her role in BBC America’s “Killing Eve.” And just one more thing, if John Legend wins for his role in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” he’ll have his EGOT! SNL’s Michael Che and Colin Jost host the Emmys on NBC September 17.

Twitter did a big purge yesterday, getting rid of a whole bunch of fake and “locked” accounts. If you look at the top 50 most-followed Twitter accounts, about half of them are made up of music artists. They took some pretty big hits, but they’re still fine. Katy Perry was number one before the purge and she’s still number one after. She went from 110 million followers down to 107 million. Lady Gaga dropped a 2.6 million, going down to 76.4 million. And Justin Bieber went from 107 million to 104 million.

When Forbes put Kylie Jenner on the cover and said she’s $100 million away from becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in America, Josh Ostrovsky — who goes by the name “Fat Jew” — decided to take matters into his own hands. He set up a GoFundMe page to raise that $100 million for Kylie, telling Page Six, “I just cannot sit idly by and watch this type of injustice take place, so I decided to use my platform and voice to help. Kylie worth just short of a billion? Not on my watch.” So on the GoFundMe page, the Fat Jew says, “I don’t want to live in a world where Kylie Jenner doesn’t have a billion dollars. WE MUST RAISE 100 MILLION DOLLARS TO HELP HER GET TO A BILLION, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.” If you think this is a stupid idea, you’re not alone. But reportedly, if they don’t reach the $100 million goal, the money they do raise will go to charity. The Fat Jew says it will be “something awesome, like a charity that feeds people who don’t have food.” At the time I’m typing this, it’s up to $268.

Remember how I told you yesterday that Nicki Minaj decided to bury the hatchet and sent Cardi B a $5000 girly gift basket from the luxury baby store Petit Trésor? Yeah. That didn’t happen. Cardi heard that rumor just like we did and when no basket arrived, her people reached out to the baby boutique to get a tracking number on the package, only to find out that Nicki never ordered anything. says they know why Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin so quickly. Their source says, basically, he’s getting back at Selena Gomez for dating someone else. The source says that back in mid-June, Justin heard that Selena had been hanging out with her best friend Raquelle Stevens’ brother Caleb and confronted her about it. The source says Selena denied it, but only because she didn’t want him to get upset. But then when one of Raquelle’s friends told him it was true, Justin reportedly “freaked out and went absolutely ballistic.” Fast forward a few weeks, and he’s engaged to Hailey. “Selena has known Caleb for years. He is not some random dude that came out of nowhere. He has been a part of her life for a long time and this is why Justin was so bothered by it.”


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