Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s Second Wedding

Celebrity couple update… The Chainsmokers at the edge of space… Halsey’s makeup brand ‘af94’… Rihanna is launching her own line of maternity wear… and Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s second wedding

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In celebrity relationship news, Anya Taylor-Joy — who became Hollywood’s “It” girl after “The Queen’s Gambit” — secretly married her boyfriend Malcolm McRae. According to sources, the couple went to the courthouse for a quick, intimate ceremony before heading to Australia so she could continue filming “Furiosa,” the prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road.” They reportedly plan to have a bigger ceremony when they return to the US. And everybody’s been asking, “Who’s that redhead hanging out with Johnny Depp all over Italy?” It turns out, she’s not Johnny’s new girlfriend. She’s Johnny’s new French teacher who’s tutoring him for his first movie in three years, “Jeanne du Barry.” Johnny will play Louis XV, who was the King of France from 1715-1774 and was known as Louis the Beloved. The movie focuses on the life of King Louis’ mistress at the time of his death.

The Chainsmokers are about to do something really cool. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall will climb into a pressurized capsule that will be tethered to a stratospheric balloon and perform approximately 20 miles above the earth. According to the CEO of this fledgling space tourism company called World View, this would make The Chainsmokers the first musicians to perform at the edge of space. World View says Drew and Alex will be on one of their first inaugural flights, scheduled to begin in 2024.

Halsey is expanding her About-Face makeup line to make it more affordable for everyone. Yesterday she announced her new cosmetics line will be called AF94, and it will be available at Walmart starting Monday, July 25. Why AF94? AF are Halsey’s initials. Her real name is Ashley Frangipane. And ’94 was the year she was born. Halsey likes to think of AF94 as the “cute and bratty younger sibling” of About-Face.

A source told HollywoodLife that Rihanna wants to redefine how pregnant women are viewed, so she is launching her own line of maternity wear! The source said, “Rihanna has been working on creating a line of maternity wear for women under her Savage X Fenty line. During her pregnancy, she was told that she was such a huge inspiration by so many women for breaking the mold on what is acceptable to wear that she was really moved by this. She has featured pregnant models in her Fenty ads so many times and she wants to redefine how pregnant women are viewed by creating a brand that will allow them to still feel sexy and beautiful during pregnancy.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s spur-of-the-moment wedding in Vegas is just the beginning. Sources say the two of them are planning a huge wedding party at Ben’s $9M estate in Georgia, which is where they originally planned to get married 20 years ago! The home is located on Ben’s 87-acre property in Riceboro, GA, which is about 40 miles south of Savannah. A source told TMZ it will be a 2- or 3-day affair with all their family and closest friends. The celebration should take place in the next few weeks, hopefully when things cool off a bit.


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