Joaquin Phoenix Flees Interview

Emmy broadcast had record low… New voting twist for DWTS… Leah Remini’s father passed away… Jenna Dewan is expecting… and Joaquin Phoenix flees interview

The early numbers for the Emmys telecast were wrong. The ratings were actually even LOWER. When all the time zones’ numbers were tallied, only 6.9 million people watched the FOX telecast, down 32 percent from last year and setting a new all-time low. Last year’s Emmys on NBC held the record until now, when they moved it to Monday night so it wouldn’t conflict with NBC’s NFL contract. And yes, NBC’s Sunday Night Football killed this year’s Emmys broadcast. In fact, the ratings were even up from the week before.

To avoid another Bobby Bones situation, they’ve switched things up on Dancing With the Stars. Now, the JUDGES have the final say when it comes to who’s eliminated. Every Monday night will feature the live audience vote combined with the judges’ scores, and then after the bottom two are announced, Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli decide will deliberate and decide who gets to stay. And now for the SPOILER ALERT!! Mary Wilson and Ray Lewis were the bottom two last night, and the first star eliminated from this season of DWTS is………Mary Wilson.

Leah Remini’s father passed away, but she didn’t find out until a month later. She lays all the blame on the doorstep of the Church of Scientology. Leah posted some old photos of her and her sisters with their father and captioned it, “On Friday, I received a message from my sister Nicole, who had been contacted by a stranger passing on his condolences for the passing of our father, George Anthony Remini. We had no idea that he had died a month ago.” Leah said they didn’t even know their father had been sick, and that the funeral came and went without their knowledge. She wrote, “I’m angry that the last chapter in our relationship was dictated by Scientology. Scientology took my dad in as a pawn against me and likely robbed him of any last ounce of heart that might have been left in him. I’m angry that Scientology found his personal weak spots and got him on board not with their beliefs but with their smear campaign against me. That was his last presence in my life.” But a rep for the Church told Page Six, “Leah Remini blames everyone but herself for destroying her relationships. It’s beyond hypocritical. She was estranged from her father, who was never a member of the religion, for years and now even exploits his sad passing for tabloid attention. Hate consumes her. She has caused hundreds of threats of violence and even a death. She has blood on her hands.”

If you were holding out hope that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan would find their way back to each other, you need to let it go. Jenna announced that she is pregnant with Steve Kazee’s baby. He’s a Broadway star she’s been dating a little over a year. This will be her second child. Jenna and Channing share a 6-year-old daughter, Everly. Meantime, things are going great for Channing and Jessie J. On Sunday night in LA, Jessie performed a song she wrote for Channing, who was in the crowd cheering her on. Some of the lyrics are, “Where you go I know I want to follow / Let’s make a promise on today / Take it slow, baby steps so we don’t know when what comes next / Let’s be still, just stay calm, so we’re not rushing what we are / Pressure on, just have fun / It’s not a race, no need to run / If it’s forever / Let’s just simply be in love.”

Joaquin Phoenix is a nervous wreck when it comes to doing interviews, but he has to promote his projects. In an interview with the Telegraph, the reporter asked Joaquin if he’d ever thought about his audience taking “The Joker” the wrong way and Joaquin completely freaked out. The reporter wrote, … “Phoenix doesn’t seem to have considered this kind of question at all. So when I put it to him – aren’t you worried that this film might perversely end up inspiring exactly the kind of people it’s about, with potentially tragic results? – his fight-or-flight response kicks in. Mine too, just about. It takes an hour’s peace-brokering with a Warner Bros PR to get things back on track. Phoenix panicked, he later explains, because the question genuinely hadn’t crossed his mind before – then asks me, not for the last time, what an intelligent answer might have sounded like.” But Joaquin never got around to answering that question. We’ll see how many people are influenced by “The Joker” when it comes out October 4.

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