Kanye West Drops Out Of Coachella

Twitter’s largest shareholder… TV news… Amy Schumer’s jokes… Britney Spears confirms she’s writing a book… and Kanye West drops out of Coachella

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Elon Musk loves Twitter so much that he bought some! Elon now owns a 9.2% stake in Twitter, which equals over 73M shares. That makes him Twitter’s biggest shareholder. The same day Elon bought in, he polled his followers to ask how they felt about creating an edit button. The poll is still up, but the overwhelming response is YES. Twitter is now appointing Elon to its board of directors, which — according to “The Verge” —could be seen as an anti-takeover move because it limits him to buying no more than 14.9% of Twitter stock.

A lot of interesting projects are in the works. Jennifer Lopez’s production company is working on developing a new series for Amazon Prime Video. “Backwards In Heels” tells the story of the ladies who lived at the Barbizon Hotel in post-WWII New York City. This was a female-only hotel for women looking to make it in The Big Apple. Some of its most famous residents included Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, and Lauren Bacall. And it was recently announced that an “It” prequel series is coming to HBO Max. “Welcome to Derry” will tell the story of how Pennywise the Clown came to be the Pennywise children fear. The series will be set in the 1960s and will lead up to the events that happened in the first “It” film. And Netflix has closed a deal to reboot “Spy Kids.” We know nothing about the plot or the title…The only thing we do know is that the next generation of “Spy Kids” will be from a multi-cultural family. And finally, Harrison Ford is joining the cast of a new Apple TV+ series called “Shrinking.” It’s the first time he’s ever done role in a series. Harrison will play a “blue collar shrink” who shares a practice with two other doctors. But the show will center around Jason Segal’s character who breaks the rules and tells his clients EXACTLY what he thinks.

At her first stand-up show since hosting the Academy Awards, Amy Schumer said, “I don’t even know what to say about the Oscars…I have no jokes about it…I don’t know if you saw this, but Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Did you read that in your newsfeed?” She said, “I think the best way to comfort ourselves would be for me to say the Oscar jokes that I wasn’t allowed to say on TV,” explaining that her lawyer told her to cut a line about sexual assault allegations against James Franco. He also advised her to cut one about Alec Baldwin firing a gun on the set of “Rust,” killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. But she told it anyway. She said, “’Don’t Look Up’ is the name of a movie? More like don’t look down the barrel of Alec Baldwin’s shotgun…” Amy said, “I wasn’t allowed to say any of that. But you can just come up and slap someone.”

Back in February, Page Six reported Britney Spears was getting $15m to write her memoir. While we don’t know if that’s the right amount, we do know that Britney has been busy writing. She posted yesterday that writing has been both “healing and therapeutic,” but “also hard bringing up past events in my life.” She’s actually sharing a lot of these past events on her Instagram, talking again about how childhood friends came to visit her in Vegas during her residency. She posted, “They all go to a spa and I wait for an hour as they get their nails and toes done and get offered champagne… I wasn’t allowed to go to the spa so I sat outside and waited … not only did they not even LOOK MY WAY OR ACKNOWLEDGE me or show any concern … they drank the whole bottle !!!” Some friends….Britney also said she would be taking the same “intellectual approach” her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake took when he issued an apology to her and Janet Jackson last year. She said, “I can only imagine that I do sound childish but I was extremely young when those events took place … and addressing it now … I’m sure it seems irrelevant to most and I’m completely aware of that !!! But instead of using my head … I’m using the intellectual approach as Justin so respectfully did when he apologized to Janet and me … although he was never bullied or threatened by his family … he took the opportunity to apologize 20 years later !!! Timing is EVERYTHING !!! Good timing is the B*TCH!!! Anyway … I wanted to just let people KNOW I CARE !!! AND I’M SO SORRY !!! My mom and sister also did the “intellectual approach” in indulgence by writing their own books as I couldn’t even get a cup of coffee or drive my car or really anything !!!” Whew! I feel for the person who has to edit all this.

Covid knocked Coachella out for two years, but it’s back in less than 2 weeks. Yesterday, Kanye dropped out as the Sunday night headliner. No reason was given, but sources told Page Six that Kanye hadn’t even started rehearsals so it looks like he never intended to be there. Back in February, Kanye threatened to pull out of Coachella unless Billie Eilish apologized to Travis Scott. She stopped her concert to make sure a fan in distress needed help, which Kanye felt was a dig at Travis who DIDN’T stop his Astroworld concert and 10 people died. Billie never apologized, nor should she have. For whatever reason, Kanye is out. And there were rumors that Travis was going to appear with him, but that’s obviously not happening, either. Sources told Page Six that we should find out soon that The Weeknd will take Kanye’s place.


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