Kanye West Splits With Manager Scooter Braun

A new reality dating show… Meek Mill was released on bail… Zedd and Maren Morris’ song had many versions… New music video for song “Kevin’s Heart”… and Kanye West splits with manager Scooter Braun

From the mind of the man who brought us “The Bachelor” comes another reality dating show — “The Proposal.” That handsome devil, former football player AND former Bachelor Jesse Palmer has been hired to host. According to ABC, this 10-episode series “will feature 10 eligible daters competing in four pageant-style rounds to win the heart of a mystery suitor or ‘suitress,’ whose identity is concealed from them. Each one-hour episode will follow the male or female daters “as they attempt to woo the mystery suitor with their words in a first impressions round; bare their soul in a beachwear round; answer the mystery suitor’s most pressing romantic questions; and strive to receive a seal of approval from the mystery suitor’s most trusted family member in the final round.” This will be a process of elimination. Those who don’t connect hit the road until they’re down to the final two contestants. And then in the big reveal, “the final two meet the mystery lead for the first time and present a romantic proposal of their choice.”

After five months behind bars, Meek Mill was released on bail yesterday afternoon. Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin was there to pick him up, drove Meek to his personal helicopter, and then whisked him off to the 76ers game, where he received a hero’s welcome as he rang a replica of the Liberty Bell before game 5 of the playoff series between the 76ers and the Miami Heat. Meek told Page Six he’s still in a daze about being released. He said he was just sitting in his cell watching the news when they told him he was free. So he said a quick prayer, got his stuff and bolted. Meek says he can’t wait to be reunited with his 6-year-old son Papi. He barely saw his son over the past five months because he didn’t want his son to see his dad in jail.

Zedd and Maren Morris’ song “The Middle” is one of the biggest hits of the year. But producers say TWELVE of the top female singers in the business recorded versions of the song. For whatever reason, they decided not to release it. For instance, Demi Lovato was offered the song first, but she thought it was “too pop” and went with her song “Sorry Not Sorry” instead. Camila Cabello recorded her version of “The Middle” after she left Fifth Harmony, but ultimately decided not to release it because she didn’t want it to overshadow “Havana.” Anne-Marie, Bebe Rexha, Tove Le and Carly Rae Jepsen also recorded versions of the song but it just wasn’t working. Then on December 30, the song writers found out Target wanted to use the song for one of their commercials that would debut during the Grammys, but they still didn’t have a singer. That’s when Maren Morris’ people sent over her demo of the song and they loved it. Interesting to note, Maren was suffering a strained vocal cord when she recorded her version, so maybe it gave her an extra little something-something that made it work.

Last September, Kevin Hart admitted to cheating on his 8-months-pregnant wife because a woman tried to extort him. In J. Cole’s new music video for his song “Kevin’s Heart,” the actor Kevin Hart plays himself going through that whole cheating scandal. The video follows Kevin going through his day after the news broke and how everyone was staring at him and judging him. It also shows some women still flirting with him. Then, a man tells him, “Nobody’s perfect and you’re only human. Learn from it, man. Learn from it.”

Warning: Explicit language

Scooter Braun has managed Kanye West for two and a half years. According to Billboard, Kanye has decided to “leave the traditional music business” and take his whole operation in-house. So when Kanye told Scooter and his to drop all their other clients and work solely in-house with him, Scooter said nah. Now Kanye reportedly has decided that he doesn’t need music management around him right now, and plans on moving forward without a manager.


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