Kevin Federline Requesting More Child Support From Britney Spears

“The Voice” winner… Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss… Becca Kufrin is engaged… Nick Jonas and Bebe Rexha’s dinner date… and Kevin Federline requesting more child support from Britney Spears

SPOILER ALERT: Season 14 of “The Voice” has come to an end! Congratulations to 15-year-old Brynn Cartelli, who became the youngest finalist in the show’s history. She was also on Team Kelly, who got her first win as a new judge. Kelly will be back for Season 15, along with Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, who was convinced to come back after producers added a few more zeros to his paycheck.

The Voice 2018 – The Season 14 Voice Champion Is…

Speaking of Kelly Clarkson, she’s always had such a great attitude about her weight. Remember when she was called out by a Twitter troll for being fat and she said, “and still (BLANKING) awesome.” But Kelly has dropped some noticeable pounds recently, causing us to wonder if maybe she’s going to come out as the spokesperson for some weight loss product. But nope! A source told that Kelly’s dropped about 40 pounds by eating less sugar and eating more protein and veggies. The source says she’s focusing on portion control and she’s also cut sodas from her diet. Plus, she’s exercising more regularly with her personal trainer. That’s it! Eating less and moving more!

“The Bachelorette” returns on Monday, but we already know how it ends. Becca Kufrin is happy to announce that she’s engaged! Less than five months ago, she was crushed by Arie Luyendyk, Jr., who dumped Becca for first runner-up Lauren Burnham. Becca told People, “I went through the grieving process. I was confused and angry and all the emotions you go through a heartbreak with.” But it didn’t stop her from giving love another shot as the Bachelorette! And she says she found love again and she can’t wait to show off her man when the season ends. She says, “It’s been crazy, but it was so worth it.”

Hours after performing on the “American Idol” finale, Nick Jonas and Bebe Rexha met up for dinner at the current hot restaurant in LA, Craig’s. They tried to throw off the paparazzi by arriving and leaving separately, but nobody was buying it. When a photographer asked Bebe if their dinner date was for an upcoming music collaboration with Nick, she alluded to the fact that that’s not exactly why they were having dinner. But Nick might not be taking it so seriously because that same night, he slipped into Jenna Dewan’s Instagram comments. She posted a picture of herself in the sexy little dress she wore to the Billboard Music Awards, captioning it, “‘twas such a fun night!!! Thank you for having me!” Nick wrote, “‘Twas. Twasn’t it.” Mm-hmmmm. He wants her.

Billboard Awards- ‘twas such a fun night!!! Thank you for having me! #bbmas

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Kevin Federline has filed documents requesting more child support from Britney Spears. Kevin currently gets $20K a month, but he says it’s not enough to help him buy enough stuff to compete with what Britney can do for their two boys. Kevin goes into details about Britney’s luxurious, 13K-square-foot villa and all the fabulous toys she buys for their kids. Meantime, he says he lives in a 2000-square-foot house with his wife, their two kids, the other two kids from his previous relationship and then his two with Britney. He says he doesn’t even have room for the boys to have their 15 friends over for sleepovers!


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