Last Day Of ASAP Rocky’s Trial

Friends pop-up experience… Mario Lopez apologizes… Katy Perry & collaborators ordered to pay millions… Shawn Mendes deletes social media… and Last day of ASAP Rocky’s trial

This September is the 25th anniversary of the very first episode of “Friends”! To celebrate, a pop-up Friends experience is being set up in NYC starting Sept. 7 and running through Oct. 6. They’re recreating all of the apartments, Central Perk, and even the fountain they splash around in during the show’s opening. And OF COURSE, there will be a retail store. From what I read online, parts of the experience will allow you to stick a turkey on your head, peek through Rachel and Monica’s purple front door, kick back in Chandler and Joey’s recliner after playing some foosball, help Ross with the infamous sofa pivot, or look through Phoebe’s favorite things because we never got to see her apartment…..The Friends pop-up will be open from 10am-10pm, seven days a week. It’s $29.50 a pop just to go through it, and tickets are on sale as of this morning!

Mario Lopez may lose his job over what he said during Candace Owens’ podcast back in June. When Candace asked Mario his thoughts on what she sees as a growing trend in Hollywood — letting young children decide for themselves what gender they’re going to be — Mario said he thought it was “dangerous” to allow children as young as 3 and 4 to make such huge decisions for themselves. The backlash was severe, with many branding Mario as homophobic. Mario’s people reportedly forced him to apologize. He took a day off from “Extra” where his cohosts made a statement that his views don’t reflect theirs. Mario is supposed to move over to “Access Hollywood” next month, but network executives reportedly held an emergency meeting to discuss his future

A jury has decided that Capitol Records, Katy Perry and the other defendants in the “Dark Horse”/“Joyful Noise” copyright trial owe Christian rapper Flame over $2.7 million in damages. They decided Flame’s song was responsible for 22.5% of the “Dark Horse” profits, and Katy will write a check for $550K of that. The record label will pay $1.2 million and the balance will be split by the other defendants. Of course, this will all be appealed.

Shawn Mendes said he’s deleted his Instagram and Twitter, but both accounts are still active. Shawn explained that’s because he has his manager posting the content on his behalf. During a fan Q&A, Shawn said, just like everybody else, he struggles with social media, too. But he said sometimes he needs to take a break and take care of himself.

At the time I’m writing this, the Swedish prosecutor made his closing arguments in A$AP Rocky’s trial, recommending that he and his two co-defendants be found guilty of assault and sentenced to six months in jail. The prosecutor argued, “We have three people who throw out punches and kicks against a person who is lying down. Their violence is clearly indefensible.” A$AP has pleaded not guilty, saying he was acting in self-defense. The verdict is expected to be announced today and if he’s found guilty, the sentence will be decided next week.

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