Liam Hemsworth Speaks Out on Miley Cyrus Split

Cara Delevingne secretly married… Bebe Rexha’s selfie… Taylor Swift pays college tuition… Katy Perry accused of assault… and Liam Hemsworth on split with Miley Cyrus

According to The Sun, model/actress Cara Delevingne and former “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson were secretly married at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas. The brides haven’t commented, but the owner of the wedding chapel apparently confirmed it. Celebrity guests are rumored to have included Charlize Theron, the Jonas Brothers and Sophie Turner. The brides reportedly wore black with Ashley wearing heels and carrying the bouquet.

Bebe Rexha posted a sexy mirror selfie on her Instagram and captioned it, “I recently had a MALE music executive tell me that I was getting too old and that my brand was ‘confusing.’ Because… I’m a songwriter and I post sexy pics on my Instagram and that’s not what female songwriters are suppose to do, especially for my age. I’m 29. I’m fed up with being put in a box. I make my own rules. I’m tired of women getting labeled as ‘hags’ when they get old and guys get labeled as sexy with age. Anyways, I’m turning 30 on August 30 and you know what, I’m not running away from it. I’m not gonna lie about my age or sing songs that I feel will sell better because they sound ‘younger.’ I’m gonna celebrate my age because you know what, I’m wiser, I’m stronger and TRUST ME I’m a much better lover than I was 10 years ago.” Taylor Swift was among those giving Bebe high-fives in the comments, saying, “DRAG THEM. 29 YEAR OLDS UNITE.”

Speaking of Taylor, one of her Canadian super fans Ayesha posted on Tumblr that she’s struggling. Both her parents work minimum wage jobs and her mom suffers from chronic kidney disease, and there just wasn’t enough money to cover Ayesha’s college tuition and rent for the upcoming semester. Well, whaddayaknow! Taylor saw Ayesha’s post, two hours later, she got an email and Taylor transferred $6386.47 into Ayesha’s account to cover her expenses. She also sent a note, “Ayesha, get your learn on girl. I love you! Taylor” Ayesha has been on Taylor’s radar for a while. Her instagram bio says, “Taylor Swift specifically requested my presence backstage and I will never shut up about it.”

The guy who played Katy Perry’s love interest in her “Teenage Dream” video back in 2010 is accusing her of sexual misconduct. What triggered him to say something now? Josh Kloss said he was tuning his ukulele to play and sing the song on its anniversary but then thought, “(BLANK) this, I’m not helping her bs image another second.” In a lengthy post, he explains that Katy would embarrass him on the set, telling people how gross it was to kiss him, but then she would turn around and invite him to a strip club. He said he put up with it and kept things professional because he needed the job to support his toddler daughter. But then he says they actually went out a couple times after she broke up with Russel Brand. He explained, “This one time I brought a friend who was dying to meet her. It was Johny Wujek’s birthday party at moonlight roller way. And when I saw her, we hugged and she was still my crush. But as I turned to introduce my friend, she pulled my Adidas sweats and underwear out as far as she could to show a couple of her guy friends and the crowd around us, my penis. Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed i felt?” He went on a bit more and then ended with, “So, happy anniversary to one of the most confusing, assaulting, and belittling jobs I’ve ever done. Yay #teenagedream” Well! Johnny Wujek responded in the comments, “Oh hell no. I’m not about to let you make accusations against my friend like this. This is such bullshit. Katy would never do something like that. We all know about your on going obsession with her since the day of filming that video. You were writing her music. And planning an imaginary future with her. It’s not ok to do this to people who have done nothing but uplift and inspire others. Focus on your life and your daughter and move on josh. I’ll be praying for you. We all will.”

Liam Hemsworth has made what he says will be his one and only statement about the demise of his marriage to Miley Cyrus. He posted a picture of the sunset on an Australian beach, captioning it, “Hi all. Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward. This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to any journalists or media outlets. Any reported quotes attributed to me are false. Peace and Love.” Meantime, Miley has been on her #hotgirlsummer loveliest with Brody Jenner’s ex, Kaitlynn Carter. Brody’s friend Brandon Thomas Lee told E! that all that making out seems fake to him, but Page Six is reporting that Miley and Kaitlynn have been hooking up for months now and that Brody is completely okay with it.

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