Liam Payne Got Kicked Out Of A Bar

Frozen 2 broke records…Olivia Jade is back on the internet…Pete Davidson is using NDAs…America’s Got Talent fired half their judges… Liam Payne got kicked out of a bar

“Frozen 2” not only won the box office this weekend, it set a new record for the best 5-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend. From Wednesday through Sunday, “Frozen 2” earned $123.7M, beating out “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and its previous record of $109M. The new “Knives Out” starring Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Evans opened in second with $27M. Coming in third was “Ford v. Ferrari” with $19M, followed by “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” with $17.2 million over the holidays.

Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo are facing up to 60 years in prison if they’re convicted in the college bribery scandal. They’re accused of paying $500M in bribes to get their daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella into USC. Lori and Mossimo reportedly have been putting themselves through “grueling” mock trials to prepare themselves. A source told “Us Weekly” that preparing for the upcoming trial has become her full-time job. And even though lawyers often discourage their clients from testifying in cases like this, Lori reportedly is adamant that she gets on the stand and tells her side of the story. Lori reportedly was considering accepting a plea deal, but her husband refused to do it, so she decided to stick with him and face the consequences together.

Are you THAT big of a Pete Davidson fan that you’re willing to risk paying a million bucks to see him? He’s now asking people who want to see him do standup to sign a $1M nondisclosure agreement. One of his fans actually posted screenshots of the NDA that she says was emailed to her right before Pete’s show in San Francisco. It said fans who didn’t sign it wouldn’t be allowed to go into the show but they would receive a full refund. And if anybody gave an interview about Pete’s performance or blogged, vlogged, or in anyway shared opinions or critiques about it, they would face a fine of $1M plus any attorneys fees.

Was Gabrielle Union fired from “America’s Got Talent” because she annoyed Simon Cowell? According to several reports, Gabrielle had problems with a racially insensitive joke made by Jay Leno and the racist jokes of a comedian competitor. She also had a problem with Simon’s smoking. Not only is she allergic to cigarette smoke, according to several sources, Simon smokes when and where he wants, including indoors. Despite the fact that it’s illegal, for years, Simon has defied orders given to him by a fire marshal and NBC executives. So on top of Gabrielle’s other issues on set, her issues with Simon’s smoking habit may have been the final straw.

Liam Payne is dating 19-year-old Maya Henry — an IG model from San Antonio who happens to be the daughter of a really rich man who threw her a $6M quinceañera featuring performances by Nick Jonas and Pitbull. Liam decided to join his girlfriend in her hometown for Thanksgiving and — like other young people who want to get away from their families — they decided to go to a bar. This is where things went very wrong. Maya is only 19. And when the bouncers at the Silver Fox kicked them out, things got physical. There’s video of Liam yelling at the bouncers while wearing a white shirt with mud and dirt all over the back. In a since deleted Instagram post, Liam wrote, “@thesilverfoxsatx three of your bouncers just jump me for no reason whilst I was grabbing my ID I took pics of the whole thing look forward to seeing you in court a**h****.”


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