Movies Coming to Streaming Early as Coronavirus Closes Theaters

Paid to lie about Meghan Markle… Nick Viall & Kelley Flanagan getting flirty… ‘Tangled’ predicted coronavirus… and Movies coming to streaming early

If you still think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being overly dramatic by leaving Royal life, check this out. Simon Rex says a couple of British tabloids offered around $70K to flat out lie about his relationship with Meghan. But Simon says nothing ever happened between them. They never even kissed. Simon said he and Meghan met on a TV show and grabbed lunch once “in a very non-datey way,” but that was it. However the tabloids wanted him to lie and say they hooked up and provide all the details. But he refused, saying he didn’t feel right about it.

So what’s going on with Peter the Pilot and Kelley Flanagan? Reality Steve said the two of them hooked up over Super Bowl weekend, which would mean he was still engaged to Hannah Ann at the time. And Kelley was sitting in the audience for the live “After the Final Rose.” But when E! News asked her if she was with Peter, Kelley said, “I have heard that. I heard that I’m pregnant and I also heard that I’m with Peter right now. I’m not with Peter. I promise I’m not dating Peter. I’m not dating Peter.” Is that because she’s actually with former Bachelor Nick Viall? At a party hosted by Chris Harrison, he posted on a picture posted of the two of them, “Loved seeing you guys get so cozy last night. Here for it.” But Nick cleared that up on his podcast, saying, “Everyone like to think there’s always something going on, and there’s not.”

Like “The Simpsons,” did Disney for once predict the future? Disney fans holed up at home watching “Tangled” noticed that Rapunzel — voiced by Mandy Moore — is locked away in a tower — in quarantine, if you will — because the evil witch she believes to be her mother wants to keep her socially isolated from the village of………….CORONA!!!

A lot of singers are streaming live performances to entertain fan locked away and bored during this quarantine. Ryan Phillippe wants to get in on that, but since he doesn’t sing….he’s going to act! Yes, “to help us through this time where acting is on hold,” Ryan tweeted, “I’m gonna start doing a little live acting for you guys from my home while we’re all shut in. Y’know, a little drama, a little comedy. Like 2-3 hours everyday. So, if you like movies or tv catch my stream!!”

The movie industry is suffering a huge punch in the gut as the coronavirus pandemic is keeping people at home. Theaters across the country have been closing their doors because the government doesn’t want more than 10 people to be gathered together at one time. As a result, Wednesday’s box office totals were only $300K. This same time last year, that figure was close to $11M. In an effort to stop the bleeding, some studios have moved their new releases to on-demand. Normally, there’s a 90 day waiting period for that to happen. But starting today, Universal is offering “The Hunt,” “Invisible Man” and “Emma” for home viewing. And Vin Diesel’s “Bloodshot” will be available on Tuesday. Look for more to follow.

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