New Evidence In Jussie Smollett Attack

Jennifer Aniston’s birthday surprise… Prince Harry & Meghan Markle in the news… 50 Cent gets threatened… Miranda Lambert got married… and New evidence in Jussie Smollett attack

Jennifer Aniston’s friends surprised her with a trip to Cabo for her 50th birthday. They did it up right, too, with a private plane and everything! Her best friend Courteney Cox was on board, along with Jimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly and a handful of other friends. There were rumors that Brad Pitt was on the flight, but that turned out to be untrue. When the plane took off from LAX, one of the rear tires blew out, so the plane had to fly around for a few hours to burn off fuel before safely landing at the Ontario International Airport. The ladies weren’t letting that scary incident stop their fun, though! They got on another flight and eventually made it to Cabo.

He’s a happily married man now, but remember back in 2012 when Prince Harry did a tour of the US that included a stop in Vegas? That’s when we saw almost all of Harry’s business because pictures of him having a naked pool party — the one with sticks and balls and not water — were leaked. A new book about the prince claims that Harry racked up over $38K at The Wynn Hotel that weekend, but Steve Wynn — the billionaire owner of the hotel — waived it! He got more than that in free publicity! In other Royal news, Meghan Markle did a TV movie back in 2011 called “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down.” The summary on IMDB says, “This film takes you through a night of partying in LA. Funny & somewhat outrageous, gives partiers helpful tips about which substances should not be mixed, how to approach potential hook-ups, avoid undesirables & basically have a good time without completely destroying yourself.” While we’re sure Meghan would like this one to just go away, a company just picked up the rights to it and now this made-for-TV movie may be heading to the big screen.

The NYPD is investigating one of its own. Back in June of last year, Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez allegedly told officers during a roll call that they should shoot 50 Cent on sight. According to Page Six, this comment was made the same day as the Bronx Smoker, where police officers who hold grudges against each other fight it out in the boxing ring, and 50 Cent was supposed to be there to watch. 50 is ticked off because nobody ever warned him about this potential threat to his safety, and he’s looking at his legal options. Apparently, the owner of a hip hop club in Brooklyn claimed that Officer Gonzalez tried to squeeze him for gifts and when he didn’t fork over what the officer asked for, he budding became targeted but he State Liquor Authority. 50 Cent took up for the owner of that club and criticized the officer on his Instagram, and that’s reportedly what made Officer Gonzalez angry and led to his comment.

Surprise! Miranda Lambert got married! She announced it on her Instagram on Saturday, but she actually married NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin back on January 26 in Nashville. We don’t have any details on how they met or how long these two have known each other, but we do know that Brendan had a baby with another woman 3 months ago. I guess time will tell if Miranda caused yet another relationship to fall apart. She stole Blake Shelton from his wife…Last year, the lead singer for Turnpike Troubadours served his wife of just over a year divorce papers 15 days after he met Miranda. She broke up with this guy within days of his divorce being finalized.

A grand jury will hear the Jussie Smollett case this week and decide where to go from here. It was a very busy weekend for Chicago police. The two Nigerian brothers picked up for questioning were released without charge. Reportedly, they told officers that Jussie had paid them to stage a fake hate crime and that they even had rehearsals to get it just right. Police will not confirm these rumors to reporters, saying Jussie is still considered a victim at this point. Jussie and his attorney deny this attack was staged. Jussie reportedly is furious that people think he made the whole thing up.


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