Nicki Minaj Blasts Cardi B On “Queen Radio”

“Dancing With the Stars” line-up… Julie Chen skipped out on “The Talk”… Lil Xan got a new face tattoo… Ben Affleck’s counselors are very frustrated… and Nicki Minaj blasts Cardi B on “Queen Radio”

“Dancing With the Stars” is back on September 24, and even though ABC hasn’t announced the celebrity dancers, names keep getting leaked. So far, we’ve found out these people are dancing: Kendall Jenner’s nemesis Tinashe, Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton, “Dukes of Hazard” star John Schneider, Instagram model Alexis Ren, former Cowboy and Bronco player DeMarcus Ware, country DJ Bobby Bones, Paralympic alpine skier Danelle Umstead, “Fuller House” star Juan Pablo Di Pace, “Facts of Life” star Nancy McKeon, and Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood from the “Harry Potter” movies. That’s ten. Is that enough? And just in case you were wondering what’s up with that Junior edition of DWTS, it debuts October 7.

Julie Chen skipped out on “The Talk” yesterday to spend time with her family, and there’s no telling when she’ll be back. Her husband is Les Moonves, who was just forced to step down as CEO of CBS after another group of women came forward to accuse him of using his power to sexually harass them and then punish them if they refused his advances. But don’t worry, Julie Chen fans! She’ll be back for “Big Brother” on Thursday! But Sharon Osbourne took the reins to address the scandal yesterday, saying that a couple months ago, she was asked to make a statement supporting her boss and she tried to be as diplomatic as possible, but now that these new allegations have come out, Sharon says, “He’s not been convicted of any crime but obviously, the man has a problem.”

Lil Xan got a new face tattoo to honor his hero, Mac Miller, who died last week from an apparent drug overdose. Xan got the Latin phrase “Memento Mori” inked above his right eyebrow. That means, “Remember that you will die.” Xan posted the picture of his new tat on Instagram and captioned it, “Miss you Mac, y’all can start hating me now.” And they did. So Xan responded with another selfie, showing off another new tattoo of black liquid dripping under his right eye like a flood of tears spilling out. He captioned this one, “I do this for me, I could care less if this makes me ugly because that’s what I was going for, Ugly is the new beautiful, well not really but there’s some truth to that, I love you guys 💔” Meantime, no word on Mac’s funeral arrangements, but a public memorial is being planned for this evening at Blue Slide Park in Pittsburgh. Mac named his first album back in 2011 after this park. says Ben Affleck’s counselors are very frustrated with him right now. A source says Ben is doing what they call “speed round rehab,” telling all the counselors what they want to hear so he can get the heck out of there, when he’s simply not listening to them. The source says they told Ben to stay away from his 22-year-old Playboy model girlfriend Shauna Sexton, but when he went home for a quick visit, he called her to come over. Not only that, Shauna showed up to see Ben in rehab and stayed for four hours AND she’s been driving his car. Radar’s source says, “Everyone will be amazed if he stays in the program another week, let alone two.”

Nicki Minaj has her own radio show and she went on the air yesterday to give her take on the whole Card B shoe-throwing incident. Nicki said, first of all, the whole thing was “mortifying and humiliating.” She also said that despite what Cardi was yelling, Nicki has never said anything about Cardi’s baby. She said, “It’s all lies. I would never ridicule anyone’s child…I would never talk about anyone’s child or parenting.” She also warned Cardi that she needs to be careful attacking people because that could end up getting her killed.


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