R. Kelly Finally Made Bail

John Mayer’s fake party… Bebe Rexha pushed the boundaries… Jussie Smollett had to surrender passport… Jordyn Woods’ punishment… and R. Kelly finally made bail

John Mayer wanted it to LOOK like he went to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, he just didn’t want to GO to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. And apparently he has a bunch of celebrity friends who feel the same way. So John recreated the whole Vanity Fair red carpet experience in his living room, complete with an almost identical backdrop and the blue-and-white striped carpet. Among those joining him for the night — which was catered by Shake Shack — were John’s good buddies Halsey, Diplo, Dave Chappelle and Bob Saget. John posted on his Instagram Story that this was the most fun thing he’s ever done in his life.

Bebe Rexha’s dad apparently didn’t like her “Last Hurrah” video one bit. She really pushed the boundaries with it. In fact, YouTube labeled it “sensitive material.” On February 17, Bebe tweeted that her dad wasn’t speaking with her after seeing it. And then yesterday, she went on her Instagram Story and posted a text message he had sent her. “You better stop posting stupid pornography because you make me sick. I can’t take this anymore embarrassed to go in public everywhere I can go i’m very upset with you I can’t believe it.” Bebe wrote over the message, “My dad hates me.” She later deleted the post and went on Twitter to say she wishes she’d never posted it at all. In a now-deleted tweet, she said, “My dad is not a bad guy. I should of never have posted that screenshot. Im disappointed in myself. I was being sarcastic. I understand where he is coming as a father and that’s why the text was a bit harsh. I am upset that he still isn’t speaking to me, but he is still my father.” Then she had to ask her followers to please stop saying mean things about her dad.

When Jussie Smollett posted bail, he had to surrender his passport. But he has been granted permission by a judge to travel to NY and CA so he can meet with his lawyers and work on a defense. Mark Geragos has joined Jussie’s legal team and he’s like, “I don’t travel to YOU, YOU travel to ME.” Jussie’s next court appearance is set for March 14. Meantime, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is maybe loving the limelight a little too much. At his press conference the other day, Chief Johnson presented a lot of evidence pointing to Jussie’s guilt. But he went on “Good Morning America” yesterday and told Robin Roberts that there’s a lot more evidence that he didn’t tell us about, and it “just simply doesn’t support (Jussie’s) version of what happened.”

TMZ’s sources say Kylie Jenner is still leaving the door open to reconciling with Jordyn Woods someday. But as for now, her security clearance has been revoked at Kylie’s gated neighborhood. And while the survival of Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship remains to be seen, sources say the rest of the family isn’t as forgiving. We’ve seen from the family history that they’ll support each other through their bad relationship choices, but sources told TMZ that the Kardashians will never do any business deals with Jordyn again.

After three days behind bars, R. Kelly finally made bail. Oh, He didn’t have that kind of cash. But a woman who lives in the Chicago suburb Romeoville did and she posted his bail. We don’t know her name, but the Chicago Tribune says she’s a 47-year-old woman who identified herself on the bond slip as “a friend.” So after handing over a cashier’s check for $100K — 10 percent of his $1 million bond — R. Kelly went straight to McDonald’s. Of course you want to know what he ordered! He had the quarter pounder meal with a large fries, BBQ dipping sauce, a soft drink, and coffee with extra cream and sugar. According to a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, this is the same McDonald’s R. Kelly has been going to for years to talk to young women. While he had a lot of hecklers, R. Kelly still has a ton of fans who were super excited to see him. After his belly was full, R. Kelly headed to a cigar lounge where he stayed holed up with his entourage for several hours. Outside the lounge, one of his friends and advisers named Don Russell told the Sun-Times reporter that R. Kelly told him last year that he had zero dollars in the bank because he had trusted the wrong people. Since then, Don says money has been coming in, but not as much as R. Kelly would like. But here’s the thing — he’s got until March 6 to come up with $160K in back child support for his ex-wife Drea Kelly or he’s going back to jail. If he can scrape that together, he’ll be good until his next court appearance on March 22.


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