Taylor Swift Alludes To Being Bullied By Kim Kardashian

Chris Brown is being sued… Amy Schumer’s rude moment… Ariana Grande and Mac Miller split… Selena Gomez runs from the MET Gala… and Taylor Swift alludes to being bullied by Kim Kardashian

Chris Brown is being sued by a woman who claims that in February of 2017, she and some other women who were at a party at Chris’ home were plied with drugs and alcohol before she was repeatedly assaulted by a couple of Chris’ friends — one of them being a woman. The details are simply too graphic to get into, but the alleged victim has hired Gloria Allred to represent her. But Chris’ attorney Mark Geragos says this is nothing but a money grab. He told TMZ that Gloria basically asked for $17 million and he told her no way, and that’s why Gloria is now holding press conferences and calling this one of the most horrific sexual assault cases she’s ever seen.

It was the Best of the Breakout Artists Comedy Series at Caroline’s on Broadway Tuesday night. An up-and-coming comedian named Brendan Sagalow was right in the middle of his set when Amy Schumer interrupted him, asking if he’d mind if she did 10 minutes. Apparently she wanted to try out some new material ahead of her SNL hosting gig this weekend. A comedy industry insider says it was the rudest move ever. He said, “You just don’t do that!” But Brendan seems to be okay with it. He said on his podcast later that while he was surprised Amy did that it’s actually a good thing because now everybody thinks he’s friends with her.

After two years, it’s over for Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. No hard feelings. Everyone is saying their schedules were just too hectic for them to have a steady relationship. The last time they were spotted together was at Coachella, where Ariana made a surprise appearance during Kygo’s set.

Selena Gomez saw the comments about her Met Gala look and she gets it. She posted a video of herself fleeing the gala, captioning it, “Me when I saw my pictures from MET.” She also disabled the comments. Selena was slammed for being over-tanned and poorly styled. But as one Twitter user commented, “Selena gomez dares to show up to the met gala in her granny’s nightgown from 1930, streaky fake tan and concealer on her lips and expects me to not make fun of her?” But others had Selena’s back, saying, “Y’all love female empowerment and being ‘woke’ until it’s time to rip Selena Gomez’s confidence to shreds.” And another asked people to retweet if they thought Selena looked beautiful that night.

Me when I saw my pictures from MET 🤷🏽‍♀️

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On the opening night of her “Reputation” tour, Taylor Swift didn’t call her out by name, but everyone knew she was referring to Kim Kardashian when she talked about how she’d been bullied to the point she thought her career might be over. The 60K people in the arena loved it, but Kim’s fans were having none of it. They took to social media to call Taylor out, with comments like:

“Calling @KimKardashian a bully bc she exposed your lie? ok To say your career was at stake bc she called you out is over exaggeration at it’s finest. But I guess you don’t love the drama, it loves you, right?”

“STOP. PLAYING. THE. VICTIM. You’re not three, Taylor.”

“Hey @taylorswift13, isn’t @KimKardashian the reason you’re hundo-mill-dollars richer from #Reputation? She essentially lit the path of the creative process and rebranded you…You should thank her… just a thought.”

🐍😊 @gettyentertainment

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