Thandiwe Newton Axed From ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel

Cuba Gooding Jr. pleads guilty… Karamo’s daytime talk show… Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter… Series premiere of ‘The Kardashians’… and Thandiwe Newton axed from ‘Magic Mike’ sequel

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Cuba Gooding Jr. was facing six counts of sexual abuse and forcible touching, but to avoid possible jail time, he decided to accept a plea deal to a lesser charge. Cuba has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor forcible touching charge for forcing a kiss on a woman back in 2018. For that, he gets no jail time, but Cub must continue treatment for alcohol abuse. If he behaves himself for the next six months, the charge will be reduced a non-criminal violation. Cuba had faced up to a year in prison for groping three women at Manhattan clubs between 2018 and 2019. He was first arrested in June of 2019 for squeezing a woman’s breast at a hotel bar, but then he was also charged with pinching the bottom of a server at TAO Downtown and then subjecting a woman to “sexual contact without consent” at a nightclub. Originally, Cuba pleaded not guilty to all three charges , but his trial kept getting pushed back because of COVID. He had lots of time to think things through, and decided to accept the plea deal. Cuba is due back in court on Oct. 13th.

“Queer Eye” culture expert Karamo Brown is getting his own daytime talk show, and he’s calling it “Karamo.” Karamo has guest-hosted “Maury” several times over the past two seasons and producers liked what they saw. Karamo released a statement saying that as a child, he would run home from school to watch Sally Jesse Raphael, Phil Donahue and Maury Povich, dreaming that one day he could host his own talk show. And now he is! Look for “Karamo” this fall.

Elon Musk recently bought a 9.1% share of Twitter and was promptly offered a seat on the board of directors. But that would’ve prevented Elon from buying more than 14.9% of the company, so he politely declined. That’s because Elon wants it ALL. He’s offered to buy Twitter for $43B, telling the SEC in his filing that he’s doing this because he believes in Twitter’s “potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe.” If the deal goes through, Elon plans to make Twitter a private company. Elon says $43B is his “best and final offer.” He said, “I am offering to buy 100 percent of Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, a 54 percent premium over the day before I began investing in Twitter and a 38 percent premium over the day before my investment was publicly announced.” If the answer is no, Elon said he may dump all of his Twitter shares because he doesn’t have any confidence in current management.

The first episode of “The Kardashians” is now available on Hulu. Fans are LOVING it, crying “happy tears” and saying that the show “feels more real and authentic than the last few seasons” on E! But critics aren’t feeling it as much, calling “The Kardashians” “boring” and a “disappointment.” The first episode was focused around a family BBQ. The major drama comes when Kim and Kanye’s 6-year-old son Saint is playing Roblox on his iPad and a picture of his mom’s crying face pops up. Saint thought it was a funny new character in his game, but it was actually an ad for a second never-seen-before home movie of Kim and her ex Ray J. Then she was REALLY crying on the phone with her attorney, telling him she was 99.9% sure there is no second tape. But then she called Kanye who calmed her down by telling her that SHE has the power and that nothing will cancel her. Kim ordered her attorney to get the ad taken down immediately, saying she has “all the time, all the money and all the resources to burn them all to the (BLANKING) ground.” That doesn’t sound boring to me!!

The fallout from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock continues. The third “Magic Mike” movie is currently filming in London, starring Channing Tatum and Thandiwe Newton. According to “The Sun,” Channing and Thandiwe got into a heated argument over that slap at the Oscars and things got so “unimaginably vicious” that Channing stormed off the set and drove off in his car to cool down. A source said after that, Channing — who not only plays Magic Mike but serves as a producer — refused to continue working with Thandiwe and she was fired. They’d already filmed 11 days, so they’ll have to go back and shoot several scenes with Thandiwe’s replacement, Salma Hayek. Trying to cover up the ugliness, the movie studio released a statement saying Thandiwe had to step away from the movie “to deal with family matters.”


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