The FBI Is Looking Into The Jussie Smollett Case

Lil Wayne’s notebook… Lori Laughlin update… Post Malone’s Postmates… “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” trailer… and FBI is looking into the Smollett case

Back in 1999, Lil Wayne wrote a whole bunch of lyrics in a notebook and somewhere along the line, he lost it. Well, lucky for Weezy, somebody found it! This guy says he found it wedged in a car that once belonged to Cash Money Records. Great! So, can Weezy have it back? Maybe with a nice little reward money for his troubles? Nope! The notebook finder is trying to sell the notebook for $250 thousand. And he says if Lil Wayne wants his notebook back, he can cut him a $250K check. Weezy’s lawyers are arguing that their client is the rightful owner and the man who found it doesn’t have the right to sell it. Plus, they say he’s been holding onto this notebook for YEARS, just waiting for the right time to cash in.

Lori Laughlin has become the face of the college admissions scandal. But perhaps her daughter should’ve taken advantage of that education her mom may go to jail for. People magazine reported that Olivia Jade filed the paperwork to trademark “Olivia Jade Beauty,” but it was rejected due to bad punctuation! Government officials just sent her a letter saying, “Proper punctuation in identifications is necessary to delineate explicitly each product or service within a list and to avoid ambiguity. Commas, semicolons, and apostrophes are the only punctuation that should be used.” They also said she needed to be more specific. You can’t just trademark “makeup kits” and “concealer.” Now, we know from the college admissions scandal that Olivia Jade didn’t fill out her own college application. So what makes us think she filled out the trademark application? Perhaps she should’ve hired the same people her parents did to handle her own paperwork.

A lot of celebrities are fans of Postmates delivery service, especially Post Malone. He’s basically their number one customer and they’d do anything for him. On Tuesday, Post tweeted a screenshot of a Postmates order he was trying to make for a pair of FLIR Night Vision White Phospher Goggles worth $11,500. He captioned it, “Hope this works” with a laughing emoji. Well, Postmates is off the hook for this one. FLIR Systems saw the tweet and sent Post a pair of goggles overnight for FREE.

The trailer for the 16th season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” was released yesterday and it is going to be full of drama, y’all! The breakdown of Khloe’s relationship with Tristan over the Jordyn hookup will be covered. All of it. And Khloe is an emotional mess. Kim also talks about how her marriage may be over if Kanye makes her move to Chicago. It also looks like we get to see what goes on at Kanye’s Sunday church services. And it was SUPER awkward to watch Kris Jenner make a toast to then best friends Kylie and Jordyn with Khloe sitting right there, knowing what we NOW know was about to happen. The new season debuts Sunday night!

This situation with Jussie Smollett is far from over. Despite what some are saying, the charges being dropped do not mean Jussie is innocent of staging a fake hate crime. The guy who took over for Kim Foxx told ABC Chicago, “This was not an exoneration. To say that he was exonerated by us or anyone is not true. We believe he did what he was charged with doing.” And the Chicago PD is super ticked off about all this. Yesterday, through a Freedom of Information Act Request, they gave CBS Chicago some redacted reports about their investigation into Jussie’s alleged hate crime. But almost immediately, a court order came down barring them from releasing anything else. However, we did learn from an internal memo that prosecutors were trying to find examples of deals similar to the one they gave Jussie so they could prove they weren’t giving him special treatment. But guess what? Now the FBI is investigating the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office because they think something is fishy. In the meantime, Jussie’s lawyers told police to turn their attention to the REAL criminals here — the Osundairo brothers! They say the brothers flat-out admitted to attacking their client. The brothers’ attorney wanted them to make a statement, but they refused, so she quit.


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