Wendy Williams’ Husband ‘Threatens’ Staff

“Days of Our Lives” just got renewed… Bryan Cranston is being criticized… R. Kelly update… Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t happy… and Wendy Williams’ husband ‘threatens’ staff

There are so few soap operas left, but at least one is hanging on for another season. NBC’s longest running series — I’m talking daytime or primetime — “Days of Our Lives” just got renewed for its 55th season. Ratings actually went up about 4 percent this season, averaging about 2.55 million viewers. Easier this year, they celebrated their 13,500th episode!!

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston’s new movie “The Upside” is out this weekend. Bryan is actually being criticized for taking on the role of this billionaire quadriplegic because some people believe the role should’ve been given to an actor who is actually disabled. But Bryan said, “As actors, we’re asked to be other people, to play other people. If I, as a straight, older person — and I’m wealthy, I’m very fortunate — does that mean I can’t play a person who is not wealthy? Does that mean I can’t play a homosexual? I don’t know…where does the restriction apply? Where is the line for that? I think it’s worthy for debate to discuss those issues.” On the other hand, on “Breaking Bad,” Bryan’s character’s son had cerebral palsy and the actor hired to play that role actually has cerebral palsy.

TMZ is reporting that at least one of R. Kelly’s alleged victims and the families of two other alleged victims are going to give Chicago prosecutors some evidence that they believe will be enough to nail him for sexual abuse and other crimes. And an attorney for yet another alleged victim — who doesn’t live in Chicago — said she is going to contact the appropriate authorities on behalf of her client. Meantime, TMZ says the two women still living with R. Kelly are hiring lawyers to try to stop their parents from trying to remove them from his home. Their parents believe their daughters have been brainwashed.

The Fiji Water girl blew up social media Sunday night when she photobombed pretty much every celebrity who walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes. One celebrity who fails to see the humor in any of it is Jamie Lee Curtis, who blasted Fiji on her Instagram, saying she purposely moved away to avoid promoting their water and got photo-bombed anyway. She said celebrities need to be asked for their permission before anyone takes their pictures next to products.

Wendy Williams didn’t come back from her Christmas break to deal with her health issues. Before her break, Wendy was slurring her words, which she blamed on heavy painkillers due to a fractured shoulder. RadarOnline.com says that Wendy’s husband/manager Kevin Hunter called a staff meeting on Monday where everyone assumed he’d be giving them an update on her health. Instead, Kevin reportedly went on a one-hour rant about leaks coming out of the show and ending up in tabloids. Kevin even told them he’s been testing the staff by leaking out information to certain people to see if he can catch the mole.


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