A$AP Rocky Detained 1 More Week

Katy Perry’s lawsuit… R. Kelly solitary confinement… San Diego Comic-Con trailers… Broadway musical “Cats” trending… and A$AP Rocky detained one more week

Back in 2014, Katy Perry, producer Dr. Luke and rapper Juicy J were all sued by some Christian rappers who say they stole a beat from a song they released in 2008 called “Joyful Noise.” Not only did these rappers not give their permission, they didn’t get paid. And on top of that, they say the reputations within the Christian community were damaged because Katy’s son included lyrics about witchcraft and black magic. Katy was in court to defend herself yesterday. She testified that she’d never heard “Joyful Noise” — until she was sued, of course — and that she first heard the beats from Dr. Luke over a bottle of white wine and was inspired to write the song in just 4 hours. Testimony continues today.

R. Kelly is going to be behind bars for a while because the judge denied bond. R. Kelly would like to be in solitary confinement while he’s in there because he’s afraid other inmates might try to kill him. His attorney told TMZ is a tough situation because R. Kelly can’t read or write and being in solitary means he’ll have no one to help him figure out what’s going on. And being in solitary also limits his privileges. General population has access to the phone all the time. R. Kelly would only be allowed 15 minutes a month to speak with family and friends, plus no internet or TV.

The first day of San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and it’s going to be pretty hard to top it! Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked things off with one of the first big panels for “Terminator: Dark Fate.” Original director James Cameron is back as a producer on this film. He couldn’t be there in person for the panel, but he did appear live with a message for the audience. Even though he wasn’t in any of the footage they screened for the crowd, James confirmed that Edward Furlong would return as John Connor…somehow. And Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance, showing the crowd the first footage of “Top Gun: Maverick.”

The trailer for the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical “Cats” dropped yesterday, and the internet is having a hard time processing this. A lot of people are HORRIFIED by what CGI did to these actors. They’ve got human faces and bodies, but they’re covered in hair and they don’t have any private parts and it’s just WEIRD. “Cats” stars Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, James Corden and MORE. The movie comes out December 20, 2019.

A$AP Rocky has been locked up in a Swedish prison for weeks now over a street fight, and it looks like he’ll be locked up far at least one more while prosecutors decide whether to charge him for aggravated assault. Video shows two men following A$AP and his crew around the streets of Stockholm. A$AP told them several times to leave, but then one of the men hit A$AP’s security guard with his headphones and a fight broke out. A$AP claims he’s been kept in inhumane conditions with dirty water, inedible food, and a neighboring prisoner who flings feces around. But thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reaching out to the White House, A$AP reportedly has been moved to a better cell.

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