Addison Rae Banned On TikTok

Bill Clinton is in the hospital… Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight… Coldplay’s tour powered by green technology… Tom Holland said it felt like the end… and Addison Rae banned on TikTok

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Former president Bill Clinton was in California for an appearance and was feeling very fatigued, so he went to the hospital to be checked for Covid and possible heart issues. Remember, back in 2004 — when Clinton was 58 — he underwent a quadruple bypass and went vegan. But it wasn’t Covid or a heart issue. President Clinton had developed sepsis from a urinary tract infection and immediately put into ICU. After a couple of days of treatment, he’s reportedly doing much better. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that can happen as a result of any type of infection. If you catch it early, you can treat it with antibiotics. But if left untreated, sepsis can progress to septic shock, which can lead to severe organ damage and death.

Will Tiger King and Carole Baskin show up at a lot of Halloween parties this year or is all that silliness over? Discovery+ is hoping we still care because they’ve given Carole a new docuseries called “Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight,” which debuts on Nov. 13. Cameras follow Carole as she investigates the treatment of big cats at the zoo formerly owned by Joe Exotic. Carole was awarded Joe’s old G.W. Zoo property when he couldn’t pay her the $1M settlement she won in her trademark lawsuit against him. Retired homicide detective Griff Garrison and Joe’s niece Chealsi will join Carole as they investigate what is now her property, looking for any lingering evidence of animal trafficking and abuse. Discovery+ promises we’ll see “many shocking moments.”

Coldplay is going green for their upcoming world tour. In an effort to be more energy conscious, the band will have a dance floor in the crowd that creates the energy they’ll need to power the concert. Chris Martin explained, “When they move, they power the concert. You know when the front man says, ‘We need you to jump up and down’? When I say that, I literally really need you to jump up and down. Because if you don’t, then the lights go out.” Coldplay will also use solar energy, recycled cooking oil from local restaurants, and power from renewable sources where available. So you may be jumping up and down and suddenly realize that instead of pot, you smell fried chicken! They’re also building all their sets with bamboo, cutting down on air travel as much as possible, and planting a tree for every ticket sold. Based on all their proactive measures, this tour is expected to produce 50% less carbon dioxide emissions than their last one. But even though they’re going through all this effort, there’s still backlash. Chris accepts that. He admitted there’s always the question of “why tour at all?” But Chris said, “That’s where we don’t really have any comeback except, we would really like to. We could stay at home and that may be better. But we want to tour and we want to meet people and connect with people – so try and do it in the cleanest way possible.”

Is Tom Holland done playing Spider-Man? His third movie slinging webs — “Spider-Man: No Way Home” — hits theaters in December, but fans are freaking out that he’s done after this one. In a new interview, Tom talked about filming with Zendaya — who plays MJ — and Jacob Batalon — who plays Peter Parker’s best friend Ned — for the last five years. He said, “ We’ve done every single film, every single press tour. So this one scene, [we didn’t know] if this would be the last time [we were all working together.] [It] was heartbreaking … So sharing that moment with them was maybe the best day I’ve ever had on set. I don’t think I’ve cried like that ever.” Now, Tom isn’t 100% certain that’s the end of this version of the franchise, but they were all treating it as if it was.

Before she made her fortune on social media, Addison Rae’s family was struggling financially. At one point, they had no place to live until someone loaned them a one-room camper. But in July of 2019, Addison joined TikTok. Within just a few days, she hit 300K followers. By October, she’d hit one million. In November, she dropped out of her freshman year at LSU, moved to LA, and helped form the Hype House with other TikTok stars. In 2020, Addison’s net worth was $5M, making her the top earning influencer on TikTok. She hasn’t said, but it’s been reported that Addison can earn an estimated $49,080 to $81,801 per TikTok post. But yesterday, Addison’s TikTok account was banned due to “multiple violations.” What violations? We have no idea. We do know that others have been wrongfully banned due to mass reporting by their hateful trolls. It seems that Addison is taking this in stride, tweeting a screenshot of her banishment and captioning it, “Well time to get a job.”

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