Aladdin First Look Reactions

NYE’s lineup… Highest paid comedians for 2018… Paris Hilton wants to keep the ring… Websites/apps are shutting down… and Aladdin first look reactions

NBC has just added some names to their roster for their NYE’s lineup, hosted by Carson Daly and Chrissy Teigen with SNL’s Leslie Jones and Lester Holt. In addition to Diana Ross, Kelly Clarkson, Andy Grammer, John Legend and Blake Shelton, now Jennifer Lopez and Bebe Rexha have been added to the lineup. Jennifer will perform from LA while BeBe will be live in Times Square. They’re also going to cut to Nashville for a performance by Keith Urban and Brett Young.

Forbes is out with their list of the Highest Paid Comedians for 2018 and Jerry Seinfeld came in first, earning a reported $57 million thanks to his standup gigs, his Netflix deal and Hulu’s streaming rights to all nine seasons of “Seinfeld.” Kevin Hart is nipping right at Jerry’s heels, earning just half a million dollars less. Kevin went out on his “Irresponsible Tour” this year — the biggest comedy tour of the year. He also starred in “Jumanji,” which earned almost a billion dollars worldwide.

When Chris Zylka asked Paris Hilton to marry him back in January, he put a 20-carat, $2 million pear-shaped diamond ring on her hand. When she called off the engagement in November, Chris wanted that ring back, but Paris said, “Nah.” A source told Page Six that Chris didn’t pay for the ring anyway and that celebrity jeweler Michael Greene basically gave it to him for free. She explained to Jenny McCarthy, “The person who we got it from got millions and millions of dollars of free publicity. I love how social media has basically become a new form of money. It’s pretty sick.”

You’re going to have to keep up with them everywhere else because after the first of the year, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kylie are shutting down their apps and websites. In a shared statement, the sisters said, “We’ve had an incredible experience connecting with all of you through our apps these past few years but have made the difficult decision to no longer continue updating in 2019. We truly hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as we have, and we look forward to what’s ahead.” If you’re wondering why Kendall wasn’t in on this announcement, she stopped updating her website last year.

The internet was in an uproar after the Entertainment Weekly cover featuring the Genie, Jasmine and Aladdin from the new live “Aladdin” movie was revealed. A lot of people are upset that Aladdin is wearing a shirt, but even more people are upset that Will Smith — who plays the Genie — isn’t blue! Will tried to calm everybody down, saying that he was in his “human/disguise form” on the cover and that the Genie will be CGI most of the movie. However, the internet had NO problem with Jafar being depicted as hot and sexy when shirtless videos of Marwan Kenzari working out in the gym popped up all over the place.


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