Beyoncé Removes Kelis Sample From Her Song

Dane Cook engaged to longtime love… Prince’s estate… Tom Cruise interrupted a couple’s hike… Batgirl cancelled… and Beyoncé removes Kelis sample from her song

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This story has gotten all over J-Si, who’s been digging on the internet for more scoop. Dane Cook has asked his longtime girlfriend Kelsi Taylor to marry him. He’s 50; she’s 23. They say they’ve been dating for five years, which would put her at 18 when they hooked up. Or is that just when they just went public? J-Si has uncovered stories online that Dane and Kelsi may have started seeing each other when she was only 15. Of course, Dane is adamant nothing illegal ever happened.

Prince passed away in 2016 and his family — or people claiming to be family — have been fighting it out over his $156M estate ever since. It was finally determined that Prince’s legal heirs were made up of six half siblings. This week, a Minnesota court issued an order splitting roughly $6M in cash between Prince Legacy LLC, which is held by three of Prince’s half-siblings and a couple of advisors, and Prince Oat Holdings LLC, which is owned by music publishing company Primary Wave. The other three half-siblings had already sold their interests in Prince’s music to Primary Wave, so they don’t get half of the money being divided now.

They have the photos to prove this actually happened. Sarah and Jason Haygarth were taking their dog Edward on a walk around the Lake District in the UK when a helicopter landed on High Crag, pretty much right in front of the couple! Out popped Tom Freaking Cruise, who apologized for disturbing Sarah and Jason’s peaceful walk, adding, “I like your dog.” And then just like a scene out of a move, Tom walked over to the edge of the mountain and pulled out his parachute. Sarah asked, “Are you really going to jump off there?” and Tom coolly replied, “See you later, folks.” And off he went! There is some speculation that Tom was filming the stunt for the latest installment of “Mission: Impossible.”

DC fans were super excited that Batgirl was finally getting her own movie on HBO Max. “In the Heights” star Leslie Grace was cast as Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon who also happens to be Batgirl. Michael Keaton was set to appear as Bruce Wayne in some way and Brendan Fraser was cast as a villain named Firefly. “Was” is the key word here because yesterday, The Wrap confirmed that Warner Bros. Discovery will not release “Batgirl” on the streaming service or in theaters. Even though they had a $90M budget…even though it was mostly done except for a few reshoots…test audiences were hating it. Sources say the movie studio decided to cut their losses because the movie is “irredeemable.”

Kelis pitched a fit and got her way. Beyonce has removed her sample of “Milkshake” from her new song “Energy” and wiped Kelis’ name off the credits. Kelis had called out Beyonce and The Neptunes for using her beats without giving her a heads up first. But then again, it wasn’t like Kelis was going to get paid anyway. She accused The Neptunes of tricking her into signing contracts that left her earning next to nothing from her music.


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