Colton Underwood Is The Next Bachelor

Weekend box office news… Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan’s breakup… Drug dealer won’t face an investigation… Kylie Jenner cosmetics in Ulta… and Colton Underwood is the next Bachelor

“Crazy Rich Asians” is still number one at the box office. This movie earned around $30 million by Labor Day — the best Labor Day weekend performance any move has had in 11 years. And now “Crazy Rich Asians” is closing in on the $117 million mark. If you just look at the box office totals from Friday thru Sunday, “Crazy Rich Asians” was first with $22.2 million. “The Meg” was second with $10.5 million and “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” was third with $7 million.

Was I the only one fascinated by Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan’s breakup that played on on Instagram? So Lil Xan posted on his Instagram Story, “I feel like I’m probably being cheated on.” Right after that, Noah went on her IG to say how confused she was because all she thing she did was text Lil Xan a photoshopped picture of Charlie Puth’s head on a porn star’s body, and Lil Xan texted back, “Why did you send that pic? Wtf.” After than, Lil Xan went back on his IG Story and said he will no longer release the music video for “Live or Die” — a song he recorded with Noah, and said how hurt he was and how he feels like he’s been used. And then he just had a complete meltdown. He put a plaque he got for his single “Betrayed” in the bathtub and recorded himself peeing on it and later he said, “If y’all think that (Charlie Puths) meme is the reason I broke up with Noah, that is hilarious. I broke up with her ‘cause she was all over some other dude.” And that other dude is music producer Ookay. Noah posted a flirty picture of the two of them on her IG, which is what sent Lil Xan over the edge. But Noah defended herself, saying, “Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt.” And then she posted a picture of Lil Xan smoking something with a hickey mark on his neck. Apparently, that wasn’t from Noah’s sucky lips. Then she addressed her NOW ex directly, “I’ve been there for you during your dark times Diego. When you felt alone and like no one was there for you, I was. If this was your way of breaking up with me and breaking my heart along with it, then you’ve succeeded.”

So Demi Lovato’s drug dealer confessed everything to a TMZ cameraman, but apparently, he won’t face a police investigation. Brandon Johnson said he gave Demi some pills and they free-based them together. He said Demi knew what she was doing and when he left her, she was asleep and seemed fine to him. We now know she almost died because of whatever she and Brandon did together. But TMZ says Brandon won’t be investigated because the overdose is categorized as a self-induced medical emergency.

For the past three years, with the exception of a couple of pop-up shops, the only way you can buy Kylie Jenner’s makeup is online. But all that is about to change. Kylie announced that her makeup line will be sold at Ulta stores nationwide, just in time for the holidays! Ulta has over 1100 stores nationwide, but just in case there’s not one in your hometown, you can buy Kylie’s lip kits and whatever else on Ulta’s website, too. THIS should be what tips her over into billionaire status.

“Good Morning America” introduced us to our next Bachelor this morning, and he is……………….Colton Underwood. This news comes after last night’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” where Colton ended things once and for all with Tia. Reaction from Bachelor Nation has not been positive. The majority of them were rooting for Jason Tartick — the banker from Buffalo who was second runner-up on Becca’s season. Variety was quick with an article, asking, “What did we do to deserve this? Last season, the struggle to find a decent guy gave us Arie Luyendyk Jr. But this time, ‘The Bachelor’ appeared to have plenty of good picks. So how did we end up with this guy?” And in addition to lots of disgust-filled memes, here are just a few of the comments I found on Twitter:

“NO! You picked a man boy that you will have to coddle through the entire season.”

“First season since @BachelorABC started that I won’t be watching. Good job pushing away your most loyal viewers @ABC.”

“Poor Colton, I wonder how it feels to know that 90% of #BachelorNation doesn’t want you to be #TheBachelor? I don’t think even Arie experienced this much disappointment…”
“Raise your hand if you don’t want Colton to be the Bachelor but will be watching anyway.”


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