Conan Gray Slammed for National Anthem

New Mattel movie… Honey Boo Boo’s weight loss surgery… Twitter lawsuit against Elon Musk… ‘Justice World Tour’ is back… and Conan Gray slammed for national anthem

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Mattel is making a ton of movies based on their iconic toys. They’re smack dab in the middle of filming “Barbie” with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. And this week, Mattel announced they will be making a movie based Matchbox Cars. We know nothing else. No details. No plot. Other toy-based movies in the works include Hot Wheels, American Girl, Barney, Magic 8 Ball, Polly Pocket, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Thomas & Friends, and UNO.

Honey Boo Boo turns 17 on Aug. 28th. Her manager told TMZ that right after her birthday, Boo Boo is heading to NYC to undergo weight-loss surgery. She’s getting a suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve from a weight loss doctor Steven Batash. This procedure would normally cost around $13K, but she may be getting a massive discount due to the publicity the doctor is getting. Honey Boo reportedly weighs about 275 and wants to drop down to 150. She’s reportedly tried diet after diet, but is now convinced that her weight is genetic and that surgery is her only option. Her 20-year-old boyfriend Dralin Carswell will be having the same procedure right alongside her.

After fighting him tooth and nail, Twitter finally agreed to let Elon Musk buy them for $44B. But then Elon put the deal on hold so he could look at the number of spam and bot accounts. Twitter dragged their feet and didn’t give Elon enough intel to satisfy his concerns, so Elon backed out. That’s when Twitter turned around and sued him, hoping the court will force Elon to follow through with the deal. Twitter was asking for a September trial; Team Elon was asking for February 2023. Yesterday, Deadline reported that a judge has set a five-day trial in October.

Last month, Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which caused half his face to become paralyzed. He was forced to put his world tour on pause while he healed. Thankfully, everything is all better because Justin’s “Justice World Tour” picks up again July 31st at a music festival in Italy. Then he’ll move on to South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and then back to Europe. No word yet on when the postponed US dates will be rescheduled.

We’ve had some pretty bad renditions of the National Anthem, but YouTube singer turned pop star Conan Gray is being bashed for his version that he performed Monday night at the MLB Home Run Derby in LA. Social media is blasting Conan for singing off-pitch and off-key, but seriously, it’s not that bad!! The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is blaming the ballpark organist! Conan started his career by uploaded music videos onto YouTube. He signed a record deal in 2018 and went on to release two Top 10 albums, “Kid Know” in March 2020 and “Superache” in June of this year.


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