Demi Lovato’s Overdose Likely Triggered By Oxy

Will Mariah Carey get served?… Drake and Migos’ competition… Kardashian home security… Caitlyn Jenner celebrates Kylie’s 21st… and Demi Lovato’s overdose likely triggered by oxy laced with fentanyl

Mariah Carey’s former manager Stella Bulochnikov has been trying and trying to serve her with papers so she can get started with this multi-million dollar lawsuit. The process server showed up at her building in NYC but the bellman refused to call up to Mariah saying he knew she wasn’t home. After three tries, the server just gave the papers to the doorman and left. According to The Blast, this summons is the final step Stella is taking before filing her lawsuit. According to sources, the number she’s going for is more than $100 million dollars. Among several things, Stella accuses Mariah of canceling shows she’d booked for her and then rescheduling them to get out of paying her commission.

Drake is on the road with Migos and at their tour stop in Kansas City, Missouri, Sunday night, they decided to have a fun little competition. The guys turned their stage into a basketball court and said whoever could land the half-court shot would win the bet. Quavo hit it on the first try. Drake missed. That shot cost him $10K. Apparently, they plan to keep the competition going throughout their tour!

After a string of home robberies in their neighborhood, says the Kardashians are dropping $100 million to have state-of-the-art, military-style security installed at each of their homes. A source says Khloe is freaked out about the threat of kidnappers, especially after he ex-boyfriend French Montana’s home was targeted.

You may have missed it, but Caitlyn Jenner was there to celebrate her youngest daughter Kylie’s 21st birthday. She wasn’t in any of the photos that popped up online, but Kim Kardashian did post a video and she panned over to Caitlyn standing by herself and said, “Oh, look it, you guys. The whole gang’s here! The whole family!” You MAY have detected a tone of sarcasm in her voice….And while Kris Jenner gave an emotional toast to her youngest daughter, it doesn’t look like Caitlyn said anything. But! There was a big mural of Kendall’s family and friends and Caitlyn DID appear on that. Interesting to note that Kylie chose to put Scott Disick in the mural but left out Khloe’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

Sources have told TMZ what happened in the hours before Demi Lovato’s near-fatal overdose. After celebrating her backup dancer’s birthday at Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip the night before, at 4am, Demi reportedly texted her drug dealer to come over to the house. The source says the two of them smoked Oxycodone on tin foil, but unbeknownst to Demi, the drug dealer has a bad habit of buying dirty drugs from Mexico and this batch appears to have been laced with fentanyl — the same drug that killed Prince. Their source says when the drug dealer noticed Demi in bed, breathing heavily and in obvious trouble, he took off. Someone on her staff found her around 11:30am and thought she had already died, but she was revived with Narcan. Now Demi is in an extended-stay rehab in Chicago.


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