Did Demi Lovato’s Mom Make Her Dump Henry Levy?

Creator SpongeBob SquarePants passed away… Sarah Hyland’s nightmare vacation… Adam Levine is “formulating”… Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are planning to get married… and Did Demi’s mom make her dump Henry?

Stephen Hillenburg was a marine biology teacher who was a pretty good artist. He took his love for both and created SpongeBob SquarePants, which has been on Nickelodeon since 1999 and has become a multi-million dollar empire. Nickelodeon announced that Stephen passed away yesterday after battling ALS. The tributes have been pouring in. David Hasselhoff — who played a lifeguard in the SpongeBob SquarePants movie back in 2004— said this was a shocking loss. He said he’s still stopped by kids who say they know him from the movie. Stephen leaves behind his wife, Kathy, and son, Clay.

Sarah Hyland turned 28 on Nov. 24 and her boyfriend Wells Adams wanted to surprise her with a romantic tropical getaway. It turned into one of those vacation horror stories when they ended up being flown to the WRONG ISLAND. After a 24-hour delay and travel nightmare, they finally got to a hotel room ON THE WRONG ISLAND. At least they got to take a little nap before they got back on a plane and ended up where they were actually supposed to be — and it only took them 36 hours to get there! And then what happened? It started raining. But based on their social media, their relationship survived.

Variety magazine asked Adam Levine whether or not Maroon 5 is playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show and he still won’t say one way or the other. But what he DID say was, “I’m still formulating a lot of things.” Adam has said in the past that one of his dreams was to play the Halftime Show, but some of the shine is probably being taken off of it because of all the controversy. First people were upset that because the Super Bowl is going to be in Atlanta, the NFL didn’t go with a hip-hop Halftime Show. Then when Rihanna said she refused to do it in support of Colin Kaepernick, a petition was started to convince Maroon 5 to drop out for the same reason. When Ellen asked Adam about it, he said, “Whoever is lucky enough to get that gig is probably gonna crush it. … Whoever does it is probably equal parts nervous and excited. This is all speculative ‘cause I don’t know who I’m talking about.”

RadarOnline.com says that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are planning to get married in Paris next year. Their source says, “Paris is the city where they decided to go public with their romance after years of sneaking around.” Katie divorced Tom Cruise in 2012, but according to the National Enquirer, in the divorce contract, Katie agreed not to date publicly for five years. But a year after she was divorced, she started dating Jamie. So for FOUR YEARS they kept things on the down low, and only recently allowed themselves to be photographed on the beach in Malibu or in Paris. Radar’s source says, “Katie has waited a long time to marry Jamie, and she’s now made it clear where she wants to get married and when.” And the source says what she wants is a winter wedding in Paris.

A lot of people were worried that Demi Lovato glommed onto this fashion designer named Henry Levy as soon as she got out of rehab, mainly because he’s got his own demons to battle and is also recently sober. A source told RadarOnline.com that Demi’s mom — as well as her entire family — wanted Henry out of the picture the minute that they saw the tabloid photos of the two of them together. Thankfully, Demi listened and cut off that relationship. Hopefully, she’ll stick to that decision. And while her entire team says there’s no pressure to get back in the studio, Radar says Demi has been writing new music, which has been very cathartic for her.


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