Did Kourtney Kardashian Marry Fiancé Travis Barker?

Artists hacked on YouTube… Forbes’ annual billionaires… Ed Sheeran wins lawsuit… Tory Lanez was handcuffed… and Did Kourtney Kardashian marry fiancé Travis Barker in surprise Las Vegas wedding?

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Hackers broke into several artists’ YouTube accounts yesterday morning. Justin Bieber, Drake, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Lil Nas X, Travis Scott, and even Michael Jackson got hacked. According to the Daily Mail, these celebrities may be using the same third-party service to manage their social media and the third-party may have actually been what was hacked. No comment from YouTube, but Vevo said they’re conducting a review of their security systems. Twitter account @lospelaosbro took credit for the hacks, asking followers who to hack next. What was the message he wanted to get out to the masses? One posted to Justin Bieber’s YouTube page was titled, “Free Paco Sanz (ft. Will Smith, Chris Rock, Skinny flex & Los Pelaos)” and it’s a video of this Spanish criminal named Paco Sanz, who’s in prison for defrauding thousands of people by pretending to have a terminal illness. The video showed Paco holding a guitar backwards and singing in Spanish overdubbed with some heavy synthesized beats. Another video posted to Harry Styles’ YouTube page was called “Daddy Yankee – SPEED IS THE BEST HACKED BY @LOSPELAOSBRO ON TWITTER.” It showed a group of men wearing hoodies dancing to “Hit the Road Jack.” A lot of fans were very upset about the violation, but as one posted, “How are you gonna hack taylor swift’s YouTube channel and not release a 1989 vault track? Wasted opportunity.”

“Forbes” is out with its annual list of billionaires. For the first time ever, Rihanna has made the list. Out of the world’s 2668 billionaires, Rihanna leap-frogged over several hundred of them, landing at 1729 on the list. “Forbes” put Rihanna’s net worth at $1.7B. Kanye jumped over 200 spots to come in at 1513 on this year’s list, but he has a problem with that. While “Forbes” put his net worth at $2B, Kanye says WRONG. He claims to be worth “somewhere in the ballpark of $7B.” By the way, Elon Musk is ranked as the world’s richest person — his first time in the #1 spot. “Forbes” says he’s now worth $219B. Jeff Bezos is second with $171B.

Ed Sheehan has won a copyright lawsuit filed by two songwriters who claimed he stole “particular lines and phrases” from their 2015 song “Oh Why” for his 2017 song “Shape of You.” Reportedly, all royalties for “Shape of You” had been frozen until the copyright infringement lawsuit could be resolved, and Ed hasn’t seen a penny of it….yet. Now that he’s won the lawsuit, he’ll be getting that check soon. Under oath, Sami Chokri claims he sent “Oh Why” to Ed hoping they could collaborate, but he didn’t know for sure if anyone actually played it for him. Ed testified that he had never heard it. He explained how common the melody is in pop music by singing parts of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” and Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.” Ed testified, “If you put them all in the same key, they’ll sound the same.” The judge agreed with Ed. While some parts sound similar, no copyright laws were violated.

Tory Lanez was handcuffed in court yesterday and hauled off to jail for violating a Megan Thee Stallion’s protective order against him. Tory has claimed several times on social media that he is innocent of shooting Megan in the feet two years ago, despite tons of evidence that says otherwise. After Megan claimed that Tory even apologized for shooting her, he tweeted a response. Paraphrasing because of the foul language, Tory basically said he slept with two best friends and got caught. “…That’s what I apologized for…it’s sick how u Spun it tho…” And with that tweet, the judge said he violated the protective order and threw him in jail. Prosecutors requested that Tory be held without bail or at the very least, $5M. The judge set it at $350K.

After the Grammys Sunday night, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker reportedly called up the One Love Wedding Chapel and asked if Elvis was available to perform a wedding. Elvis was. And at 1:30am Monday, Kourtney and Travis got married in Vegas! Or did they? Initial reports said they showed up with a wedding license, but there’s no record of one anywhere. The owner of the chapel told “People” that Kourtney and Travis brought four people with them, who all had iPhones and took photos and videos from the time they walked in until the time they left. He said, “I usually take pictures for the chapel but they wanted to handle it all themselves.” “Daily Mail” cameras caught them arriving back at their hotel at 2:30am, looking a little tipsy but having a lot of fun. Meantime, sources told TMZ that Kourtney and Travis have been working on a prenup, so an official wedding could be coming soon.


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