Drake Had Heated Postgame Words For Draymond Green

James Holzhauer’s winnings… Offset warrant issued… Halsey is clumsy… Meek Mill’s lawsuit… and Drake’s heated words for Draymond Green

When James Holzhauer was a little boy, he promised his granny that he would be on “Jeopardy” someday. When James grew up, he tested for years and auditioned multiple times before he finally made it on the show. And now James it THISCLOSE to surpassing Ken Jennings for record earnings in non-tournament play. After James’ latest win, he’s now less than $200K away from Ken’s total winnings of $2,520,700. But what’s really incredible is, it took Ken 74 games to win that much. James has won almost that much in only 30 games! But Ken and James are the only two “Jeopardy!” contestants to win more than $2 million or more in regular, non-tournament play.

Last month at a Target outside Atlanta, a fan got all excited when he saw Offset and pulled out his phone to take a video. Offset was wearing his grumpy britches that day and smacked the phone out of the guy’s hand, which landed on the ground and cracked the screen. The man filed a police report because he just wanted Offset to pay for the phone, but because it cost $800, a felony warrant was issued for Offset’s arrest! Offset wasn’t about to buy the guy a new phone, but he finally agreed to pay the $160.92 to repair it, and now the case is closed.

Halsey has a big heart, but she’s clumsy as an ox….even though I don’t know exactly how clumsy oxen are, it’s still a saying. Anyway, about a month ago, she was rock climbing naked when she fell and scraped up her back. Why was she rock climbing naked? Why not! Well, now she’s gone and hurt herself again. Halsey and her boyfriend Yungblud are on vacation in Puerto Vallarta and they decided to take a little walk through the jungle. Along the way, Halsey saw an injured butterfly and decided she could save it. But in her effort to do a good deed, Halsey fell and broke her toe. To add insult to injury, the butterfly was already dead!!

The Cosmopolitan said it was sorry, so…….LAWSUIT DISMISSED! Meek Mill’s attorney was about to file a huge lawsuit because security guards at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas refused to let him into their club and threatened to arrest him. At first, they claimed it was because of a prior incident. There was no prior incident. Then they tried to say that it was because the club was at capacity. But when Meek said that he would just go get something to eat instead, why was he threatened with arrest if he stepped foot outside the car? Meek knew what was up. It was because he was black. And his attorney claimed that there’s a list of black rappers who are denied entry into clubs. Backing up that claim, TMZ says Snoop Dogg’s people reached out and claimed the Cosmopolitan mistreated him. OJ Simpson’s lawyer also reach out to Meek’s attorney to remind him that OJ was kicked out of the Cosmo a couple years ago, but who cares??? He killed his wife! Anyway, the Cosmopolitan has officially apologized and Meek accepts the apology and there will be no lawsuit and everybody is moving on.

The NBA had a talk with the Toronto Raptors, telling them that they really needed to keep Drake in line while he’s sitting on the sidelines for the NBA Finals. Drake ain’t hearing that! During game one last night, Drake set the tone by wearing a throwback Dell Curry Raptors jersey — a little jab at Steph Curry, whose dad played for the Raptors from 1999-2002. After Toronto beat Golden State, Drake mouthed off at Warriors player Draymond Green, calling him “trash” as he walked off the court. And Drake picked something off Steph Curry’s hair, posting a video on his Instagram afterward, “Steph Curry hair lint for sale on my eBay right now!!! username: DraymondShouldntWear23.”

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