Dwayne Johnson Married His Longtime Love

Weekend box office news… Mama June update… 50 Cent denied entry to Wendy Williams… Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber making wedding plans… and Dwayne Johnson married his longtime love

People must think cussing kids are hilarious because “Good Boys” surprised the experts and debuted at number one this weekend. The pros expected it to debut somewhere in the $12M-$15M range, but it earned a solid $21M instead! “Hobbs & Shaw” fell to second in its third weekend with $14.1M. Coming in third was “The Lion King” taking in another $11.9M in its fifth weekend. “The Angry Birds Movie 2” debuted with a disappointing $10.5M, but a bigger disappointment was “47 Meters Down,” which opened with $9M for a sixth place finish.

Mama June has lost her daughter and now she could lose her show, which would make her then lose what’s left of her money. But Mama June has a drug problem that has caused her life to spiral out of control. Back in March, she and her loser boyfriend Geno Doak were arrested for possession of crack cocaine. Producers of her TV show “From Not to Hot” tried to get her to go to rehab, but she refused. Since then, it’s gone from bad to worse. She’s choosing drugs and Geno over everyone, including her daughter Honey Boo Boo, who has moved out. And last week, June and Geno were on Facebook selling everything in their house to get some cash. And I mean EVERYTHING.

50 Cent posted a video of Wendy Williams being denied entry to his NYC pool party this weekend, captioning it, “You can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me. B**** wait outside.” But apparently, she did make it inside eventually because she was posting pictures with her son Kevin Jr. and Snoop Dogg, who performed at the event.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber walked into a NYC courthouse last September and got married, but they never got around to having the big fairytale wedding ceremony. According to TMZ, they’ve actually tried to have a wedding 3 times. They even went so far as to send out “Save the Date” notices. But the dates they chose didn’t work for so many people they really want to be there, they scrapped their plans. Now TMZ says the Biebers are going to try again, hoping that September will work for most of their loved ones. Their sources say the actual date hasn’t been set, although Sept. 13 would be there one-year wedding anniversary, so that would be perfect, right?

Dwayne Johnson married his longtime love Lauren Hashian in Hawaii yesterday. He posted a couple photos on his Instagram, captioning them, “We do. August 18, 2019. Hawaii. Pōmaikaʻi (blessed).” Dwayne and Lauren met on the set of “The Game Plan” back in 2006, but didn’t get together until after Dwayne and his wife split the following year. They share two little girls, 3-year-old Jasmine and 1-year-old Tiana. In fact, Dwayne and Lauren had planned on getting married last year, but Lauren found out she was pregnant and they postponed it until now.

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