Elmo Addresses Rocco Feud

Dr. Dre could lose millions… Kanye West takes private photographer to dates… Chris Noth has been removed… Maxx Morando rumored to be dating Miley Cyrus… and Elmo addresses Rocco feud

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Dr. Dre has agreed to pay his ex-wife of 24 years $100M. That’s $50M now and another $50M a year from now. But, Dre does get to keep their properties and the rights to his music and stock options, so he’s happy about that. But Dre could lose millions more if the Super Bowl Halftime Show get canceled because of the rise in COVID cases in California. The Super Bowl is supposed to happen in LA on Feb. 13. Sources say the NFL is now looking at other venues just in case the numbers don’t go down there, and one of those could be the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, TX. Dr. Dre put up the money for the Halftime Show, which will include performances by Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige. He does have Event Cancellation Insurance, but there’s a Communicable Disease Exemption, which includes COVID.

A source told Page Six that Kanye West decided a couple weeks ago to start having a photographer follow him around to document his life, and he may use the pictures for a future project. It’s not like Kanye hasn’t done something like this before. He had video cameras follow him around for years, which is how we heard that infamous phone call between him and Taylor Swift that Kim Kardashian leaked online. One source said, “(Kanye’s) decided to take matters into his own hands. He has an incredible life, he meets the craziest people on the planet. He realized maybe he should have an album of his life.” So cameras were there for Kanye’s first date with dominatrix-turned-actress Julia Fox in Miami and when she accompanied him to New York.

We are six episodes into the “Sex and the City” re-boot “And Just Like That…” Only four more to go! At this point, it’s not a spoiler to tell you that Carrie’s husband Mr. Big dropped dead after getting hot and sweaty on his Peloton. But this next part MAY be. The plan was to have Mr. Big appear in the very last episode of “And Just Like That…” They filmed a scene where he appears to Carrie as she scatters his ashes into the Seine River in Paris. But now that 4 women have come forward over the past couple of months accusing actor Chris Noth of sexual abuse, that scene is being scrapped.

People are trying to figure out why Kim Kardashian unfollowed Miley Cyrus on Instagram. But if she was jealous that Miley had something going on with Pete Davidson, that ain’t it. On the morning of her NYE’s special, Miley was spotted kissing some curly headed guy on the balcony of her hotel room. Now we know that this guy is Miley’s current boyfriend and drummer, Maxx Morando. The two of them were first spotted together in Nashville back in July and they went to a Gucci fashion show together in November, so even though Miley hasn’t gone Instagram official, this relationship appears to have some legs to it.

Because I want you to know what’s happening on Twitter, there’s this whole feud between Elmo and Rocco that has blown up. So there’s a video clip from 18 years ago in a “Sesame Street” episode called “Elmo Feels He’s Treated Unfairly by Rocco.” Rocco is a pet rock that belongs to Elmo’s friend Zoe, and she treats Rocco like a real person. This gets on Elmo’s last nerve when Zoe tells Elmo that he can’t have the last oatmeal raisin cookie because she’s saving it for Rocco. Elmo goes OFF. “How?! HOW is Rocco going to eat that cookie? Tell Elmo! Rocco doesn’t even have a MOUTH. Rocco is just a ROCK. Rocco is not alive.” That clip went viral and then people started posting even more videos of what became an ongoing feud between Elmo and Rocco. Finally it got to the point where Elmo finally had to respond, tweeting yesterday, “Don’t worry everybody! Elmo and Zoe practiced sharing and are still best buds forever! Elmo loves you Zoe! Ha ha ha! Elmo doesn’t want to talk about Rocco. – Elmo”

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