Eminem Is Dropping A New Album

Prince Harry’s new memoir… ‘A Very Backstreet Christmas’… Johnny Depp reaches settlement in assault case… Kanye West has filed a trademark… and Eminem is dropping a new album

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Last summer, Prince Harry signed a $20M book deal and this fall, we’ll finally get to see if he was worth it! A publishing source told Page Six, “There’s a lot of new stories in there about the past that Harry has not spoken about before, about his childhood … there is some content in there that should make his family nervous.” However, Page Six says Harry goes out of his way not to include anything bad about his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. But don’t think Harry has been sitting up all night banging away on a typewriter. He’s working with a ghostwriter named J.R. Moehringer, who helped Andre Agassi write his memoir. He also wrote an autobiography called “The Tender Bar,” which was turned into the 2021 movie starring Ben Affleck.

Let’s take our minds off this ridiculous summer heat and look ahead to Christmas! The Backstreet Boys already are. In fact, they are dropping their very first Christmas album on October 14! “A Very Backstreet Christmas” will feature traditional classics as well as 3 completely new Christmas songs that are sure to become classics, as well. Howie D said, “We’ve been wanting to do a Christmas album for nearly 30 years now, and we’re beyond excited that it’s finally happening. We had such a fun experience putting our BSB twist on some of our favorite Christmas classics and can’t wait to be part of our fans’ holiday season.” We can’t wait, either, Howie! And something else to look forward to this Christmas season…To celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Beauty and the Beast,” ABC is giving us the live musical version of the movie on December 15. The special will mix live-action and animation in the same way they did with “The Little Mermaid” a couple years ago.

Johnny Depp was scheduled to be back in court next month to face a former crew member who accused Johnny of assaulting him on a movie set. Back in 2018, Johnny was filming a movie called “City of Lies” and Greg “Rocky” Brooks was serving as the location manager. Rocky said the film’s director forced him to tell Johnny that an upcoming shot would be the last of the day, which didn’t sit well with Johnny. Rocky claims Johnny screamed obscenities at him, punched him twice in the ribs, and then offered him $100K to punch him back! Rocky said no and then claims he was fired when he refused to sign papers saying he wouldn’t sue over the incideden. Yesterday, Johnny’s legal team advised the court that a settlement has been reached and the case will not be going to trial. Terms of the settlement are confidential.

TMZ learned that Kanye West filed the paperwork to trademark “YZYSPLY” for retail and on-line stores for everything from footwear to ski wear to underwear! His Yeezy brand is currently valued somewhere between $3B-$4B, and this should push it even higher. Back in 2015, Kanye told “Vanity Fair” that he’d always dreamed of having his own stores one day. He said, “I can see the wood in my head, this beat-up wood. I can feel the energy of the space…I’ve already embraced the moment of when I finally get to have my own store, which was always a dream of mine. So even though we do really amazing sales online, my dream is just to have my own store. And to have multiples of it.”

Eminem released a compilation album back in 2005 called “Curtain Call: The Hits.” And now, surprise! Eminem just announced his second greatest hits album — “Curtain Call 2” — will come out on Aug. 5. This will include songs from 2009’s “Relapse” through today. On his website, Eminem also teased that the new album will include a previously unreleased song, as well as guest appearances and film soundtrack songs. You’ll also be ale to buy a limited edition box set and autographed vinyls.


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