Felicity Huffman Hires PR Team

Jessica Simpson’s baby… Keanu Reeves makes an announcement… Gwen Stefani’s annulment… R. Kelly wants to go to Dubai… and Felicity Huffman hires crisis PR team

Jessica Simpson has FINALLY had that baby. Welcome to the world, Birdie Mae! Jessica delivered her new baby girl early Tuesday. Birdie weighed in at 10 lbs., 13 oz. Everybody seems to be doing great! Jessica and her husband Eric Johnson also have 6-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew — they call her Maxi — and 5-year-old Ace Knute.

Did anybody know this was happening until they announced it yesterday?? Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter announced they are doing another “Bill & Ted” movie that they’ll start filming this summer. It will be in theaters Aug. 21, 2020. In this third version of the movie, Bill (played by Alex) and Ted (that’s Keanu) are now middle-aged best friends who have to go on another adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only their song can save life as we know it and bring harmony to the universe. And by the way, in case you’ve been wondering what was up with the “Bad Boys” sequel, they’re filming that in Atlanta right now. Vanessa Hudgens is joining Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for the third movie in the franchise, “Bad Boys for Life.” It will be in theaters this January.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been dating since the fall of 2015, and they seem super in love. So why haven’t they pulled the trigger and gotten married yet? Us Weekly says they know why. They say Gwen is a super devout Catholic and she’s been trying to get her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale annulled so she can marry Blake in the church. And their sources say Blake is just being patient because he loves Gwen and knows how important this is to her.

R. Kelly is asking a judge to give him permission to fly to Dubai to perform up to five concerts in April and meet with members of royal families in the United Arab Emirates. R. Kelly says he’s broke. And he needs money BAD to pay legal fees, child support and his everyday living expenses. In his court filings, R. Kelly said it’s impossible for him to work here in the US because of all the sexual assault charges filed against him, so he needs to go to where he can earn some cash, and that’s in the Middle East. A judge could rule on his request at a pretrial hearing tomorrow.

Felicity Huffman isn’t taking near the amount of heat that Lori Loughlin has during the college admission scandal, but she still needs to do some damage control. The Blast says Felicity has hired a crisis PR firm to handle any media requests and press about the scandal. This is the same firm that represented Trayvon Martin’s family as they dealt with the media and needed a strategy moving forward. Prosecutors are giving defendants the opportunity to strike a plea deal, but we’re not sure if Felicity plans to plead for mercy or fight the charges. She reportedly consulted with Mel Gibson’s criminal defense attorney about her case.


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