Jason Derulo Fights Two Guys Who Called Him Usher

The most-popular show on Disney+… Gal Gadot’s controversial “Imagine” video… Golden Globes 2022 will have no stars… Update on lawsuit against Nirvana… and Jason Derulo fights two guys who called him Usher

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My husband got Disney+ for one reason — “The Mandalorian.” But there are other things airing on Disney+ that other people are apparently watching. Shockingly, the top four shows shows have nothing to do with “Star Wars” or the Marvel characters. Around the world, the top 10 most popular shows on Disney+ are:

  1. “The Simpsons”
  2. “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”
  3. “Bluey” (Cartoon about a dog family)
  4. “Jessie” (Disney Channel series)
  5. “Loki”
  6. “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”
  7. “WandaVision”
  8. Marvel’s “What If . . .?”
  9. “Grey’s Anatomy”
  10. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

Gal Gadot is commenting on the now infamous “Imagine” video that was released at the start of the pandemic in March of 2020. Gal got a bunch of her celebrity friends to sing John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” We all saw Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Zoë Kravitz, Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo, and many more put their hearts and souls into this song, which immediately got slammed for being tone-deaf. Yeah, showing famous rich people singing from their sprawling, multi-million dollar estates just hit wrong. But now, in a new interview with “InStyle,” Gal admits that the video “was in poor taste.” She explained, “The pandemic was in Europe and Israel before it came here (to the US) in the same way. I was seeing where everything was headed. But (the video) was premature. It wasn’t the right timing, and it wasn’t the right thing. It was in poor taste. All pure intentions, but sometimes you don’t hit the bull’s-eye, right?”

The 79th Golden Globe Awards are set for this Sunday night. This is usually the show that kicks off Hollywood’s award season. Last year, it was revealed that the group behind the awards show, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, had a serious diversity problem. They tried to bring in more diverse members, but the damage was done and NBC dropped the telecast. Now, they are going to livestream the show, but who’s going to watch because ZERO celebrities have agreed to participate. So no red carpet, no celebrities, no nothing but some awards being announced in front of a handful of people. But during the ceremony, the Globes will highlight some of the ways they’re honoring their commitment to improve their diversity.

A judge in California has granted a motion to dismiss a child pornography lawsuit brought by the man who appeared as the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana’s 1991 album “Nevermind.” The now 30-year-old Spencer Elden said his parents were paid $200 bucks to thrown him naked into a pool and he was scarred for life. But over the years, he’s actually shown up at different fan events and done interviews about how wonderful it was to be that famous baby, so which story is true? Spencer wanted a trial by jury, asking for $150,000 from each of the 17 defendants, which include the former members of Nirvana, Courtney Love, the album’s photographer, the record label and anyone who had anything to do with the album at the time. On Dec. 22, the defendants filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed, and Spencer had until Dec. 30 to file an opposition to it, but he and his attorneys missed the deadline. Now a judge is giving them one last chance to amend their complaint or he’s tossing this lawsuit once and for all. And the deadline for that is Jan. 13.

About 2am Tuesday, Jason Derulo was minding his own business, walking through the ARIA resort and casino in Las Vegas, when some guy in a group passing by called out, “Hey, Usher! (BLANK) you, b****!” Jason immediately charged the guy who said it, throwing punches and slapping faces. Security finally broke it up, put Jason in handcuffs and escorted him outside. The two guys Jason hit didn’t want to press charges, but they have up to a year to change their minds. So Jason wasn’t arrested, but he did get a trespassing notice from ARIA and had to leave the property.

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