Jennifer Garner Stages Intervention For Ben Affleck

A stunt is in a medically induced coma… Naomi Campbell is dating David Blaine… A “Crazy Rich Asians” sequel… Jim Parsons is done with “The Big Bang Theory”… and Jennifer Garner stages intervention for Ben Affleck

A stunt coordinator who works for the CBS show “MacGyver” is in a medically induced coma after suffering a serious head injury on the set. Justin Sundquist fell off a moving vehicle on the set. Last year, Justin sued CBS for an injury he suffered on the set of “Hawaii Five-O.” His lawyer claimed “a key personnel who had safety responsibilities was under the influence of narcotic controlled substances” which caused or contributed to Justin’s injuries. They ended up settling out of court.

Page Six is reporting that Naomi Campbell is casually dating David Blaine. The two of them were photographed aboard a yacht in St. Tropez and they certainly seemed close, but Naomi’s rep says, “They have been great friends for many years now, but nothing more than that.” However, a source told Page Six that there’s mutual attraction there, but that these two are so eccentric and that the romance will probably “end in fireworks,” sooner rather than later.

A “Crazy Rich Asians” sequel is in the works! Warner Bros. hasn’t actually given it the green light, but the movie is in development and the screenwriters for the movie are planning to write the script. “Crazy Rich Asians” is the first in a trilogy written by Kevin Kwan. Warner Bros. was smart and optioned the entire trilogy for film adaptations. The other two books are called China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems.

The upcoming season of “The Big Bang Theory” will be its last. Entertainment Weekly has learned it’s because Jim Parsons doesn’t want to do it any more. According to EW, the key cast members make almost a million dollars per episode. But CBS was trying to negotiate a deal that would have Jim earning more than $50 million including profits if he agreed to stay on for two more years. But Jim said no. And since there’s no “Big Bang Theory” without Sheldon, that’s all she wrote! The upcoming 12th and final season debuts Monday, Sept. 24, before moving to its regular time slot on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Ben Affleck has been on a bender. And after his estranged wife Jennifer Garner saw pictures of him receiving an alcohol delivery to his home in the middle of the day, that’s when she knew she had to step in. Jennifer showed up at Ben’s house yesterday afternoon for an intervention. Sources say he didn’t put up a fight because he knows he needs help. Jen then drove Ben to rehab, but not before a quick pitstop to the Jack in the Box drive-through. This will be Ben’s third attempt trip to rehab and hopefully, the third time is the charm!


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