Jennifer Garner’s New Boyfriend John Miller’s Divorce

Megyn Kelly’s talk show may be done… Justin Timberlake forced to cancel… Cardi B turns down seven figures… Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra married by end of year… and Jennifer Garner’s new Boyfriend John Miller’s divorce

Megyn Kelly’s talk show may be done for good after some comments she made on Tuesday’s show questioning why people who do blackface for Halloween is offensive because back when she was a kid, she said, “That was okay as long as you were dressed up like a character.” Backlash was swift and severe. On Wednesday’s show, Megyn apologized. Her audience even gave her a standing ovation. But that’s not going to do the trick. Apparently, NBC had been having talks with Megyn recently about transitioning out of her daytime talk show and having her do more news and politics, but this controversy is speeding that process WAY up. According to several sources, “Megyn Kelly Today” is expected to come to an end by the end of this season. But CNN Business has a source saying that yesterday’s apology episode may be the last new episode that will ever see the light of day. Meantime, Megyn has been dropped by her talent agency.

Who knew bruised vocal cords were a thing, but Justin Timberlake is suffering from that, and it forced him to cancel his show at Madison Square Garden last night. Doctors orders. He had to break the news to fans just a few hours before the show was scheduled to start. Justin told everybody to hold on to their tickets because he’s going to make up this show on his birthday, January 31. This is actually the second time Justin had to cancel a show at MSG. His show back in March was canceled due to weather.

Cardi B won’t get back on stage for less than half a million dollars, but she says no amount of money will get her to sell a picture of her baby Kulture right now. Cardi is very concerned about her daughter’s safety, and she told Apple Music, “I got offered seven figures (for the baby photos), but I’m just not ready yet.”

Us Weekly is reporting that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra will be getting married in India in December. Nick and Priyanka aren’t confirming this, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising. Everything about their relationship has moved fast. We found out they were dating in May. They got engaged in July. They had a traditional engagement ceremony in India in August. And if the wedding happens in December, it will be 7 months from first date to “I do.”

When you become famous or you date somebody who is famous, the tabloids start digging into your past for the ugliest stuff they can find, which is why you don’t want to be famous or date anybody famous…Us Weekly broke the story that Jennifer Garner has been dating a burger chain CEO named John Miller who is cute and rich. We also found out he’s not legally divorced…the judge still has to sign off on it. So a couple of tabloids got ahold of the divorce papers to see if there’s any dirt in there. Of course, there is! While fighting over shared custody of their two kids, his estranged wife described John as “controlling,” saying that she ultimately decided to agree to the custody arrangement he wanted because “she wanted to avoid his anger” and “keep the peace.” She said that’s something they did throughout the course of their marriage.


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