JoJo Siwa Ditches Her Signature Ponytail

Empire fans will eventually get the conclusion… It’s Draft Day… Rob Gronkowski WWE Champion… “The Masked Singer” spoiler alert… and JoJo Siwa ditches her signature ponytail

Did anybody watch the series finale of “Empire” the other night? When this show debuted in 2015, 9.9M people tuned in, and by the end of that first season, 16.7M were watching. But then there was that first episode of season 2 that lost me and a lot of other people. Ratings continued to dwindle, and “Empire” ended its sixth and final season with 2.94M tuning in. But the problem is, because of coronavirus, they had to slap together parts of episodes 18 and 19 and never got to film the actual ending they’d planned for episode 20. While some story lines were tied up, fans were actually left with a cliffhanger. Showrunner Brett Mulroney said whenever they do get to shoot that 20th episode, it will start with that cliffhanger. And maybe episode 20 will be the launch of that rumored Cookie Lyons spinoff…

If you’re not feeling the NFL draft tonight, Ice-T, Chuck D, Fab 5 Freddie, Naughty by Nature, and JaRule are among some of the big names scheduled for the “Hip Hop Loves NY” livestream, which kicks off at 6pm EST/ 5pm CST on YouTube. Also, Fortnite x Travis Scott Present: Astronomical will go live on YouTube at at 7 pm EST/ 6pm CST. And don’t forget, Dolly Parton continues her “Goodnight with Dolly” bedtime stories, every Thursday night at 7pm EST/ 6pm CST on Facebook.

Rob Gronkowski announced he’s coming out of retirement to rejoin his old Patriots buddy Tom Brady down in Tampa Bay. While he was temporarily retired, Rob won the WWE 24/7 Championship title. The thing about the 24/7 Championship is, you don’t have to work for the WWE to compete for the title. But if you win, the belt has to be defended “24/7” as long as there’s a WWE referee there to declare a winner. So unless someone challenges Rob between now and whenever the NFL season eventually starts, he could still be WWE champion.

SPOILER ALERT!! On last night’s “The Masked Singer,” Banana had to do the big reveal. After guesses ranging from Billy Ray Cyrus to Larry the Cable Guy, it turns out Banana — which rhymes with the word “bandana” — was in fact the bandana-loving Bret Michaels.

JoJo Siwa promised that if her TikTok reached 19M followers in 24 hours, she would do whatever the top comment said. The top comment wasn’t awful. It was, “Dress normal for a day.” And even though JoJo didn’t hit her goal, she followed through with her promise. As one of her fans said, it was an “historic moment” when JoJo Siwa TOOK DOWN HER PONYTAIL AND SHOWED US HER NATURALLY CURLY HAIR!!!

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