Kelly Clarkson To Pay Ex $200K Per Month

Jeff Bezos is NOT an astronaut… DaBaby kept a secret… Potential Adele Las Vegas residency… Kourtney Kardashian’s new role… and Kelly Clarkson ordered to pay ex $200k per month

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Sorry, Jeff Bezos. Just because you went to space doesn’t mean you’re an astronaut. Literally, the same day Jeff Bezos went into space, the FAA set new rules concerning the Commercial Space Astronaut Wings Program and the criteria they use to award those who go into space with a set of astronaut wings. So NASA, the Air Force, and the FAA consider the boundary between the atmosphere and space to begin 50 miles up. Jeff met that requirement by going 62 miles above sea level. But the NEW rule says passengers must have “demonstrated activities during flight that were essential to public safety, or contributed to human space flight safety.” Since Jeff’s Blue Origin spaceship was autonomous and did not have a pilot, and he and the other three people on board were just whooping it up in zero gravity, they don’t meet the criteria and can’t get theri astronaut wings.

DaBaby’s controversial comments are not the only problem with his performance over the weekend. Tory Lanez was a surprise guest during DaBaby’s set. The problem with that is, Megan Thee Stallion performed right before DaBaby’s set and had no idea Tory was there. His appearance was kept a secret from everyone. And the problem with THAT is, Megan has a restraining order against Tory, who allegedly shot her in the feet during an argument last year and he has to stay at least 100 yards away from her. Because Megan was still backstage when Tory performed, he was in violation of that restraining order. Megan and her team were understandably upset with DaBaby, who made things worse by performing one of Megan’s songs right before he brought out Tory! Megan saw that as DaBaby mocking her and we have to agree! Authorities were notified of Tory violating the protective order. We’ll wait and see what comes of that.

Back in the day, having a Vegas residency meant your career was pretty much over. But a ton of high-profile artists started to realize they could make the same money or BETTER by staying put and having the people come to them rather than taking their show on the road, and that’s when Vegas residencies became cool. Artists like Britney, the Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, and now Usher have been killing it in Vegas. And now we’re hearing rumors that Adele is getting her own residency, possibly as early as January. A website called Vital Vegas posted that Adele “has been circling a Las Vegas residency for some time, having been spotted checking out Park MGM at one point.” They also said that Adele was negotiating a deal with the Wynn that would have paid her $500M per show, but then the brand new Resorts World stepped in and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Resorts World is the newest hotel on the Vegas Strip. The $4.3B hotel and casino opened just last month.

Earlier this month, Kourtney Kardashian’s hairstylist posted some photos of Kourtney and Travis Barker walking in a Vegas hotel hallway, captioning them, ““…NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas. There’s nothing like love AND a good time.” Then she added a chapel, crying and black heart emojis. To add fuel to the quickie Vegas wedding rumor, Travis’ 15-year-old daughter Alabama shared one of the photos and captioned hers, “So happy for you guys” with heart and cute face emojis. Maybe they’re just having fun with the joke because sources told Page Six that Kourtney and Travis aren’t even engaged at this point. However, Kourtney was just seen walking around Disneyland wearing Minnie Mouse bridal ears, and Alabama recently played a round of “Never Have I Ever” on Instagram Live and referred to Kourtney as “my stepmom.”

Last summer, Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from her husband and manager, Brandon Blackstock, after 7 years of marriage. At the time, Brandon sued Kelly for $1M in unpaid fees. She countersued, claiming Brandon defrauded her out of millions of dollars by charging her exorbitant fees. In the latest news on their ongoing divorce drama, court documents reveal that Brandon has decided to leave the entertainment industry to work as a rancher. Since Kelly is the big bread winner (earning $1.9M per MONTH according to the court documents) she’s been ordered to pay Brandon $150K per month in spousal support and another $45,600 in child support for their two kids. Kelly is also required to pay $1.25M in Brandon’s attorney fees and professional costs for their ongoing divorce.

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