Kevin Hart Is Taking Over HQ

Weekend box office news… Tiger Woods won after FIVE YEARS… Kevin Federline got what he wanted… Cardi B’s BIG deal… and Kevin Hart is taking over HQ

It wasn’t the most exciting weekend at the box office, but “The House With a Clock in Its Walls” came out on top with $26.9 million in its debut weekend. “A Simple Favor” earned $10.4 million for second, barely beating out “The Nun” with $10.3 million. “The Predator” was fourth with $8.7 million, followed by “Crazy Rich Asians” with $6.5 million.

Tiger Woods won the 2018 Tour Championship in Atlanta yesterday — his 80th PGA title and his first win in FIVE YEARS! He told the Golf Channel that he had a hard time not crying coming up on that last hole and said he teared up as he lined up his final shot. He was greeting with a hug and a kiss by his girlfriend, Erica Herman. She’s the general manager of Tiger’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, and they’ve been dating since October.

Kevin Federline finally got what he wanted, we’re just not sure if it was as much as he wanted. Kevin wasn’t happy with the $20K/month Britney Spears was paying him in child support, plus another $15K/month school and recreational expenses. Kevin wanted another $25K/month, bringing it up to a nice round $50K/month. She said no so he sued. Britney’s dad offered him another $10K/month to drop the lawsuit, but Kevin’s lawyer advised him not to take it. And then Britney had to pay Kevin $100K to cover his legal fees and expenses while he sued her for more money! But both sides have reached an agreement that seems to satisfy them both, although we don’t know what that figure is.

Despite the grumblings of those not happy with the decision, it looks like Maroon 5 will be the Super Bowl Halftime performers in Atlanta. Rumor has it Cardi B will pop up as a special guest, but TMZ is reporting that she has some requirements to make that happen. The main issue is whether or not Cardi gets her own solo set. She wants to do more than pop up for her rap on “Girls Like You.” Plus, TMZ says she’s getting a lot of offers to perform in early February, so she’s trying to make the best deal possible.

Kevin Hart is promoting his new movie “Night School” all over the place, and if you’re still playing HQ Trivia, listen up! Kevin is teaming up with HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky this Wednesday night at 9pm ET/8pm CT to give away $100K to only ONE WINNER. The regular game has 12 questions and whoever is left at the end splits the money. But for this special version of HQ Trivia, Kevin and Scott will keep asking questions until only one person remains, and that person wins the entire $100K! No splitting the jackpot! Players still get to use an extra life, but if the game reaches question 15, extra lives will no longer be accepted. Kevin told People magazine, “$100,000 is no joke! Study up, people! Go back to night school, high school, pre-school, beauty school — you never know what types of questions Scott and I are going to throw your way.”


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