Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Are Dating

World’s richest DOG… Leah Remini is returning… ‘Gorilla Glue girl’ collab with Nicki?… Blake Shelton eating cake… and Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson are dating

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Earlier this week, Big Al was telling us about this dog who owns a multi-million dollar mansion in Miami, but there’s way more to the story. This German Shepherd named Gunther VI is the richest dog in the world. Back in 1992, German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein passed away and since she had no children or close relatives, she left her entire $80M fortune to her dog, Gunther III. Of course, humans were left in charge of Gunther III, setting up a trust and investing the money, buying up mansions around the world in the process. And when Gunther III died, the trust was passed down to his heir. And after 30 years, Gunther VI is now the dog in charge, and due to his investments, the estate is now worth about $500M! Because Gunther VI spends so much of his time in Italy, he’s decided to unload his Miami mansion — the mansion that his grandfather Gunther IV bought from Madonna 20 years ago, right before she moved to England with Guy Ritchie! Gunther VI is asking $31.75M for the 9-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom waterfront estate. On her IG Story yesterday, Madonna posted a photo where she’s looking a little sad and is holding her face in her hands. She captioned it, “When you find out a dog is selling your old house for 3 times the amount you sold it for!” By the way, Gunther’s humans have done a lot of good with the trust, putting money into scientific research and establishing a charity to help animals in need.

As they say, “The show must go on!” “The Wendy Williams Show” will continue to be hosted by anybody who isn’t Wendy Williams for the time being. Producers announced that Leah Remini and Michelle Visage will be hosting for two weeks, starting on Nov. 29. And while sources told Page Six that producers are optimistic Wendy will be back in mid-December, why? They’ll be heading into the holiday hiatus, which will give Wendy a little more time to recover from whatever she’s been dealing with. One source told Page Six it’s complications from her Grave’s Disease. “HOW YOU DOIN’? I MISS YOU ALL! As everyone knows, my health has been a hot topic. I’m making progress but it’s just one of those things that’s taking longer than we expected. I’m a woman of a certain age, and I know enough to listen to my doctors and will return to my purple chair as soon as we all agree I’m ready.”

Back in January, we all became fascinated by Tessica Brown, otherwise known as Gorilla Glue Girl. See, what happened was, Tessica’s fiancé was taking her to the lake and she knew that she needed to spray her hair down real good. She grabbed her Got2B hairspray but it was empty. She explained to the “New York Post,” “…So now I’m looking around the whole house, I have to find something you know for these flyaways….” and the she saw a can of Gorilla Glue spray. She said, “I’m like, you know what? I can use this and as soon as I come home I can take it off, you know wash it out. That is not what happened.” Tessica posted a TikTok about her nightmare of trying to get this glue out of her hair, which was become very painful. Finally, a plastic surgeon performed a 4-hour surgery — free of charge — to free her hair. But that wasn’t going to be the last we heard from Gorilla Glue Girl! Tessica was spotted at a recording studio in October and at midnight last night, her first single — “Ma Hair” — dropped! Tessica wrote rap lyrics all by herself and was hoping Nicki Minaj would be interested in a little collab. She and her producer reached out, but never heard back.

Blake Shelton has been there since Day One and just marked his 500th episode of “The Voice.” On the show’s TikTok, they posted a video of Blake shoving a great big piece of cake into his pie hole while the other judges look on in shock. Blake says he would share, but it was the last piece. It’s kinda cute. But for some reason, fans are all up in the comments freaking out that Blake is hinting that the current Season 21 may be his last. So far, no response from Blake or NBC.

It’s official. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are going to give this dating thing a try! They were snapped holding hands walking across a parking lot in Palm Springs Wednesday. It was a real quick clasp and release. Obviously, they’re teasing the paparazzi. But Pete was in Palm Springs to celebrate his birthday at Kris Jenner’s place there. The DailyMail said he was basically there for 24 hours and then had to head back to NYC to prep for SNL this weekend.

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