Marvel Cinematic Universe SPOILER

TikTok has launched the Discover List… J.Lo takes penthouse off the market… Wendy Williams delays return… Adele’s special on Nov. 14th… and Marvel Cinematic Universe SPOILER

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TikTok hit a billion users last month, and is on track to leave the competition in its dust. According to eMarketer, TikTok is expected to gain more GenZ users than Instagram this year, and more total users than SnapChat by 2023. TikTok used to be known as Musicly until 2017, when a Chinese tech company called ByteDance. To get more people excited about TikTok, today they launched their Discover List, which will highlight their top creators who are impacting trends and topics on their social platform. Their statement says, “Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok. From the pioneers driving change, to the tastemakers whipping up one-of-a-kind creations in the kitchen, to the trendsetters originating cultural moments, we’re honored that such an incredible group of creators has found a home on TikTok. That’s why we created The Discover List: our first-ever list highlighting TikTok stars who are changing the game in their respective lanes — and beyond.” Right now, it includes five categories: change makers, foodies, icons, innovators and originators.

Jennifer Lopez has been trying to sell her penthouse in Manhattan for four years. After receiving exactly zero offers, she’s pulling it off the market and giving it a rest for a moment. Jennifer bought the 10K-square-foot, 4-bedroom, 8-bathroom penthouse overlooking Madison Square Park back in 2014 for a cool $20.2M. She tried to sell it 3 years later for $26.5M. After a couple years, nobody had nibbled so she cut $2M off the price tag, knocking it down to $24.5M. Still nothing. It’s just sitting there, looking fabulous. But it looks like Jennifer violated the number one rule of home-buying: Never buy the most expensive house in the neighborhood. According to, the average listing in Jennifer’s neighborhood is around $2.8M.

Wendy Williams….How you doin’? Not so good. Her show’s Instagram account announced this morning that she’ll be out a while longer to deal with health issues. Whitney Cummings will guest host next week and then Sherri Shepherd will guest host the first week of November. Nobody associated with the Wendy Williams Show is commenting on Wendy’s health, other than that initial statement where they said she’s dealing with complications from her Grave’s Disease and her thyroid condition, and that she’s continuing to make progress. But multiple sources recently told Page Six that the delay of Wendy’s return is becoming a huge problem for station affiliates and advertisers.

Adele is going to sit down with Oprah for an exclusive interview called “Adele One Night Only.” It will air Nov. 14 at 7:30pm Central on CBS, and will be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. Adele invites Oprah to join her in her rose garden, where she will perform some of her biggest hits, as well as new, never-heard-before songs. She’ll also talk about the stories behind the songs on her new album “30,” life after divorce, weight loss and raising her son, Angelo.

We issued a huge Harry Styles’ SPOILER ALERT in yesterday’s Showbiz Top 5 and we’re issuing it again today. But you’re going to have to work HARD to avoid finding this out because it’s all over the internet. At the premiere of Marvel’s “Eternals” movie in LA Monday night, Harry makes a cameo, but you have to sit there and wait through all the credits to see him. Harry Styles plays Thanos’ brother Eros. But unlike Thanos, Eros is a good guy. He’s a fun-loving, carefree womanizer whose super power is to make people feel good by stimulating people’s pleasure centers. Basically, it’s type casting! His other powers and abilities include superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. Eros is also immune to diseases, resistant to knives and bullets, has healing capabilities, can fly at supersonic speed, can manipulate gravity, and is fluent in over 500 extraterrestrial languages.

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