Michael Che Comes Under Fire

‘Jungle Cruise’ Sailing to No. 1… The top 100 music videos… Ariana Grande will appear on Fortnite… Hayes Grier left robbery victim with brain damage… and Michael Che comes under fire

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“Jungle Cruise” debuted with $34.2M in ticket sales and another $30M on Disney+, making it the top movie in the country. Critics are mixed on the film, but the CinemaScore from the audience is A-. Battling it out for second are “The Green Knight” and “Old.” They’re both hovering around $6.7M. “Black Widow” dropped to fourth with $6.4M and Matt Damon’s “Stillwater” debuted in fifth with $5.12M.

In honor of MTV’s 40th anniversary, Rolling Stone is out with their list of the 100 Greatest Music Videos of all time. Interesting to note, some of these videos pre-date MTV and several have never played on MTV at all. But twenty writers got together and argued until they came up with their final list, and they eventually agreed that the number one greatest video of all time is Beyoncé’s “Formation,” which was released back in 2016. Here are the Top 5:

  1. “Formation,” Beyoncé
  2. “Hurt,” Johnny Cash
  3. “Vogue,” Madonna
  4. “This is America,” Childish Gambino
  5. “The Perfect Kiss,” New Order

Ariana Grande announced her new tour….on Fortnite! “Ariana & the Rift Tour” will be available for five time slots over the weekend — Friday, Aug. 6 at 6pm ET; Saturday, Aug. 7 at 2pm ET; and Sunday, Aug. 8 at 12am ET, 10am ET., and 6pm ET. Players can also find Ariana outfit options in the Fortnite Item Shop starting Wednesday. Fortnite is free to download on a ton of platforms, and if you’d like to be a part of this experience, they’re recommending you join in an hour before show time.

Influence Hayes Grier was arrested in Mecklenburg County, NC, over the weekend for almost beating a guy to death and stealing his phone. We have no idea what led to this yet, but Hayes reportedly broke this guy’s eyeball socket, bruised his ribs, caused him to suffer bleeding from the back of his head, hearing loss and brain damage. He’s due in court this morning. Hayes and his brother Nash first became famous on Vine. Hayes now has more than 5M Instagram followers and almost 900K subscribers to his YouTube Channel. His big brother Will is the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

SNL’s Michael Che is being slammed for making tasteless jokes about Simone Biles. After she pulled out of the Tokyo Olympics because of stress and mental health issues, Michael posted on his IG Story, “Man, I wanna make fun of Simone Biles. I got like 3 mins of Simone Biles Jokes in my head. I’m going to the Cellar tonight to say them into a microphone. As the dorky kids say, I’m choosing violence.” He then started sharing jokes being sent to him by his followers, and saying they were tasteless is an understatement. After being slammed on Twitter, Michael went back on his IG claiming he’d been hacked and that he’s now changed his password, but people called him out for lying, noticing he used the same font as his “hackers.” That’s when Michael decided to wipe his Instagram clean.

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