Ne-Yo’s Wife Accuses Singer of Cheating

Box office weekend news… Harry Potter movies are leaving HBO Max… Bridgerton musical lawsuit… Britney Spears tell all book is finished… and Ne-Yo’s wife accuses singer of cheating

Dwayne Johnson’s “DC League of Super-Pets” opened in first place this weekend with $23M. The movie features an A-list lineup of celebrity voices, including Kevin Hart, John Krasinksi, Keanu Reeves and Kate McKinnon, who plays an evil guinea pig. Audiences are loving it, giving it an A- CinemaScore. “Nope” got bumped down to second with $18.6M, followed by “Thor: Love and Thunder” with $13.1M. “Minions: The Rise of Gru” was fourth with $10.9M, and “Top Gun: Maverick” rounded out the top five with $8.2M. By the way, “Top Gun: Maverick” has been out for 10 weeks, and it’s now earned $650.1M in the US alone.

If you subscribe to HBO Max, you now have one month to binge all the Harry Potter your heart desires. As of Aug. 31, all eight Harry Potter movies will be leaving HBO Max. They will, however, continue to stream the three Fantastic Beasts movies as well as the “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” special. If you subscribe to Peacock, there’s no rush to binge all the Harry Potters because they added all eight movies to their streaming service back on July 1.

Last year, two women on TikTok named Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear created “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical.” It was a huge hit. Abigail and Emily even won a Grammy for best musical theater album and became the first Grammy to originate from TikTok. But now, Netflix is suing Abigail and Emily for copyright infringement. Netflix wasn’t upset when “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” was going viral and giving them a ton of publicity on social media. However, they draw the line with Abigail and Emily’s live stage show. Last week, the ladies sold out the Kennedy Center in DC where they staged a live concert of their musical. Executive producer of “Bridgerton” Shonda Rhimes released a statement saying, “What started as a fun celebration on social media has turned into the blatant taking of intellectual property solely for their financial benefit…” And Netflix said in a statement, “Netflix supports fan-generated content, but Barlow & Bear have taken this many steps further, seeking to create multiple revenue streams for themselves without formal permission to utilize the Bridgerton IP. We’ve tried hard to work with Barlow & Bear, and they have refused to cooperate. The creators, cast, writers and crew have poured their hearts and souls into Bridgerton and we’re taking action to protect their rights.”

Back in February, Britney Spears signed a $15M deal to write a book, one of the largest book deals in history. Sources say the book is DONE and the goal is to get this baby published in January. There’s just one tiny problem. There’s not enough paper! A report from Publishers Weekly showed that people started ordering more books during the pandemic, which decreased the paper supply. Then people started walking off their manufacturing jobs at paper plants, causing a labor shortage. Bottom line is, we’re running out of paper! Because of that, we don’t know when we’ll get that Britney book.

Ne-Yo’s wife says she is “heartbroken and disgusted” because he’s been cheating on her for eight years! Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay got married in 2016, but they briefly split up in 2020. He even filed for divorce, but they reconciled a few months later. And just three months ago, they celebrated their love with a second wedding in Las Vegas. But now Crystal says Ne-Yo has been cheating on her since the get-go, and she put it ALL on Instagram Saturday. She posted, “8 years. 8 years of lies and deception. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and my husband with numerous women who sell their bodies to him unprotected…every last one of them! To say I’m heartbroken and disgusted is an understatement. To ask me to stay and accept it is absolutely insane. The mentality of a narcissist. I will no longer lie to the public or pretend that this is something it isn’t. I choose me, I choose my happiness and health and my respect. I gained 3 beautiful children out of this but nothing else but wasted years and heartache. I ask that you all please stop sending me videos and information of him cheating because what he does is no longer my concern. I am not a victim. I’m choosing to stand tall with my head head high. If someone can’t love you the way you deserve then it’s up to you to love yourself. With no hate in my heart I wish him nothing but the best. ~ Crystal Renay” Ne-Yo responded on Twitter, “For the sake of our children, my family and I will work through our challenges behind closed doors. Personal matters are not meant to be addressed and dissected in public forums. I simply ask that you please respect me and my family’s privacy at this time.” Crystal and Ne-Yo share two sons, 6-year-old Shaffer and 4-year-old Roman, and 13-month-old daughter Isabella.


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