Nicki Minaj Slams Wendy Williams After Husband Comments

Zac Posen is shutting down… Daryl Sabara charged with vandalizing car… Kanye West album to debut at No. 1… Mike Fleiss and his wife give it another go… and Nicki Minaj slams Wendy Williams after husband comments

Who would’ve thought things were this bad? Zac Posen recently designed Katherine McPhee’s wedding gown and Princess Eugenie’s dress for her wedding reception. On Friday, his company tweeted that Zac by Zac Posen handbags were available for pre-order and they were just about to ship out the spring collection. But then just a couple hours later, Zac Posen’s website disappeared as it was announced that he is closing his fashion label. He told Women’s Wear Daily that he’s been trying to avoid this for about a month, but ultimately, he said, “We had to make the call. My partners and I tried everything possible within our means to find solutions to keep it going. I have been trying to find the right strategic partners at this tough time in retail and in the industry. The clock ran out.” Zac said the decision was “surprising and immediate” — especially for his 60-some employees who are now without a job.

Meghan Trainor married “Spy Kids” star Daryl Sabara in December. Last week, he was charged with two misdemeanors for vandalizing someone’s car in LA. He was allegedly caught on camera in March walking near the UCLA campus when he stopped and ripped off two side panels of a parked car. Then, he ran off. The owner of the car says he does not know Daryl. His arraignment is set for later this month.

Kanye West made his fans wait….and wait….and then wait some more! But he finally gave us “Jesus Is King” and even though some are asking, “Was it worth the wait?” the album debuted at number one. This is Kanye’s ninth album in a row to open at number one on the Billboard 200, which ties him with Eminem for the most consecutive number ones.

Over the summer, we saw “Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss’ marriage violently fall apart. Laura Fleiss was 11 weeks pregnant with their second child — a child she says Mike didn’t want and demanded that she abort. That led to an argument that became physical. Laura got an emergency restraining order against Mike, fled with their child to Hawaii and filed for divorce. Despite what we saw on the home’s security footage, Mike says Laura was the one attacking him and not the other way around. They reached a deal in their divorce where the domestic violence charges were dropped and Laura got $10M. But yesterday, Mike tweeted that he and Laura have reconciled, posting, “I love my wife and am grateful for this opportunity to work on our marriage…Thanks for the support, #BachelorNation!” (Don’t read your comments, Mike. “Support” is the last thing I would call it.) Mike’s wife Laura started her own Twitter account just to release her statement, “Over the summer, my husband and I went through a challenging time, as all marriages do. There was an emotionally charged incident in which we fought over a phone and both exhibited immature and irresponsible behavior. This situation led to making rash decisions we both regret…However, I would like to correct the erroneous reporting that my husband intentionally tried to attack and hurt me. That is untrue. We both take full responsibility for our actions and have worked very hard to repair the damage to our relationship and family……and are working together with the help of a marriage counselor to rebuild what we lost. I love @fleissmeister and our kids very much. We appreciate your support at this time.

Wendy Williams came for Nicki Minaj’s new husband, and Nicki came for Wendy. When he was 16, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty was convicted of attempted rape of another 16-year-old girl (He told Nicki it was consensual and she believes him.) Then in 2006, Zoo pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter and served 7 years of a 10-year conviction. On her talk show, Wendy congratulated Nicki for marrying a “killer” and a “sex offender.” That set Nicki off. On her radio show, Nicki said, “I didn’t know that in our society, you have to be plagued by your past. I didn’t know that people can’t turn over a new leaf. I didn’t know that your viciousness and evilness was this deep-rooted.” Nicki said she would pray for Wendy because she knows this is coming from a place of pain. She said, “When a woman isn’t really being loved at home, the viciousness is a different type, so I really wanted to pray for you today, because look at where you are now in your life. Look at what age you are. You sat up there being vicious all this time, and paid for that man’s mistress all these years. You paid for her shopping sprees, you paid for her hotels, you probably even paid for her GYN bills, you paid to have that baby delivered, hoe. How you doin’, stupid?”

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