Oprah Says She’s Waiting To Hear From God

Mel B spills the beans… Ryan Seacrest has been cleared of any wrongdoing… Oscar goodie bags… Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got into an argument… and Oprah says she’s waiting to hear from God

The Spice Girls MIGHT be performing at the Royal Wedding. Mel B was a guest on “The Real” yesterday and when they asked if she knew of anyone going to Harry and Meghan’s wedding, she whispered that she was. But then she spilled that all five of the Spice Girls were invited which now has everyone assuming they will perform at the Royal Reception.

Mel B teases a Spice Girls reunion

Now that their investigation is over and Ryan Seacrest has been cleared of any wrongdoing — or at least, they found “insufficient evidence” of any sexual misconduct, E! is standing by their man and Ryan will be hosting their Oscars red carpet. Despite that, it’s being whispered that the top publicists in Hollywood won’t allow their clients to stop by for a chit-chat with Ryan Sunday night. Page Six reports the celebrities will either speak to Giuliana Rancic or skip E! altogether.

So! What are they stuffing in those Oscars goodie bags this year?! Whether they win or lose, all the nominees get the “Everyone Wins!” bag, which is reportedly worth about $100K this year. But if they have to pay taxes on this stuff, who’s actually going to take it? Among the items being “gifted” include trips to Tanzania, Hawaii and Greece. There’s also a certificate for gum rejuvenation, an 18-minute phobia-relief session, locally grown oranges, gluten-free chocolate vodka, and a private Italian dinner for 16. And that’s just SOME of the stuff crammed in there.

Based on the pictures, it looks like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got into a full-blown argument after their son Samuel’s basketball game. A source told the National Enquirer that the argument was over Ben’s “boozing and biking.” Two weeks ago, Ben was riding his motorcycle to church when he wrecked and hit his head against a curb. For some reason, Jennifer lost her cool after their son’s game and it looks pretty intense. But the former couple calmed down as soon as they saw Samuel walking up to them. They bought Sam an ice cream cone and then walked in silence with their heads down to the parking lot where they went their separate ways. The source says Jen thinks Ben is being incredibly childish and selfish. The insider says Jennifer doesn’t want to be married to him, but she also doesn’t want her kids to grow up without a dad.

After Oprah gave her rousing Golden Globes speech, a lot of people were calling on her to run for president in 2020. Oprah said she wasn’t going to run, but now it sounds like she’s hedging her bet on that. Oprah told People says after people begged her to run, she “went into prayer.” She asked God, “If you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it.” But Oprah says she hasn’t gotten that obvious message and until she does, she’s not running.


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